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The Woods announced a pair of massive signings in November with Oakleigh District's Carroll boys, Ryan and Patrick, joining brother Dale at Essex Heights Reserve. Patrick, a silky-skilled rebounding defender, is a former Best & Fairest winner (2013) and premiership player (2015) at the Oaks, and was this year named in the back pocket of the SFNL Division 1 Team of the Year. He has also twice represented the SFNL at Interleague level, and was awarded the Best on Ground medallion at the 2016 AFL Victoria Community Championships. Ryan is a tough-as-nails, strong-bodied inside midfielder that wins plenty of his own footy, and will be a great addition to Ashwood's onball brigade.

Ashwood also lodged transfers for Hampton trio James Feather, Chris Grove and David Masson in February.



  • Patrick Carroll (Oakleigh District)

  • Ryan Carroll (Oakleigh District)

  • James Feather (Hampton)

  • Chris Grove (Hampton)

  • David Masson (Hampton)

  • Anthony Ticca (Hampton)

  • David Hickey (Healesville - AFL Yarra Ranges)

  • Alexander Davies (East Ringwood - EFL)

  • Daniel Monforte (Chelsea - MPNFL)

  • Jack Harris (Strathmore - EDFL)

  • Jordan Smith (Croydon - EFL)


  • Michael Langford (Scoresby - EFL)

  • Rick Langford (Scoresby - EFL)

  • Beau Connick (St Mary's Salesian - VAFA)

  • Samuel Burr (Box Hill North - VAFA)

  • Daniel Hanrahan (South Belgrave - EFL)

  • Cameron Riley (Dandenong)

  • Dylan Kerr (Sandown Cobras)

  • Joshua Staker (Endeavour Hills)

  • Jordan Gaylard (Ocean Grove - Bellarine FNL)

  • Jack Harris (Strathmore - EDFL)

  • Adam Baker (Northcote Park - NFNL)

  • Joshua Stanton (St Pauls)



Former Hampton and Murrumbeena utility Lachlan Batt has joined the Jets are its new senior coach for 2018. The 29-year-old previously coached the Hammers' Under 19 side to consecutive Grand Final appearances before spending the 2017 season at the Beena as a playing assistant under Stevie Wright. In addition to his coaching commitments, Batt will also provide significant on-field support, both in defence and up forward.



  • Lachlan Batt (Murrumbeena)

  • Jesse Lawrence (Coolamon Rovers - Riverina FL)

  • Pat Hanmer (Highett)

  • Andrew West (Bentleigh)

  • Brandon Hunt (Bentleigh)

  • Luke Reggardo (Sale - Gippsland FL)

  • Jack Reggardo (Murrumbeena)

  • Nathan Davidson (Murrumbeena)

  • Kenneth Simpson (Nowra Albatross Vikings - AFL South Coast)

  • Carlos Kamus (St Kilda City)

  • Jarred Schafer (Cheltenham)

  • Craig Machell (Cheltenham)

  • Mitch Westhead (Cheltenham)

  • Linden Wooley (Cheltenham)

  • Randall Mitchell (Warragul - Gippsland FL)

  • Elliott Lawson (Donvale - EFL)

  • Marc Ablett (Port Noarlunga - Southern FL, South Australia)

  • Anthony Andara (Glen Waverley Rovers - EFL)

  • Michael Lowe (South Belgrave - EFL)


  • Michael Spohn (Mordialloc)

  • Dylan Peet (St Pauls)

  • Brenton Rafferty (Carrum Patterson Lakes)

  • Patrick Tatt (Narre Warren - SEFNL)

  • Jack Campion (Hampton Rovers - VAFA)

  • Brett Roessler (Silvan - EFL)

  • Timothy Phelps (Thornton Eildon - AFL Yarra Ranges)

  • Andrew Phelps (Thornton Eildon - AFL Yarra Ranges)

  • Luke Hamilton (Gembrook Cockatoo - AFL Yarra Ranges)

  • Taylann Luckman (Reservoir - NFNL)

  • Chris Emmett (Reservoir - NFNL)

  • Matthew Perichon (Reservoir - NFNL)

  • Carlos Kamus (Chelsea - MPNFL)

  • Lucas Handley (Beaconsfield - SEFNL)

  • Kris Lawrence (Frankston Dolphins)

  • Clint Kennedy (North Ringwood - EFL)




  • Thomas Gillies (Berwick - SEFNL)

  • Nathan Reid (Narre Warren - SEFNL)

  • Andrew Vella (Narre Warren - SEFNL)

  • Sam McLean (Narre Warren - SEFNL)

  • Daniel Cann (Narre Warren - SEFNL)

  • Mitchell Lonie (Narre Warren - SEFNL)

  • Alexander Cann (Narre Warren - SEFNL)

  • Jack Irons (Narre Warren - SEFNL)

  • Benjamin Holland (Narre Warren - SEFNL)

  • Brendon Cram (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Gavin Lees (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Carl Dicker (Parkdale Vultures - VAFA)

  • Matthew Auld (Forest Hill - EFL)

  • Rob Miglas (Bunyip - West Gippsland FNC)

  • James Bradshaw (Warragul Industrials - Ellinbank & District FL)

  • Jesse Edmond (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Joshua Staker (Ashwood)

  • Leigh Jansen (Devon Meadows - MPNFL)

  • Dorian White (Poowong - Ellinbank & District FL)

  • Shane Campbell (Poowong - Ellinbank & District FL)

  • Steve Winterton (Hallam)

  • William Knox (Hallam)

  • Craig Jensen-Schmidt (North Fremantle - West Australian Amateur FL)

  • Jordan Fairweather (Noble Park - EFL)

  • Hewad Taniwal (Doveton Eagles)

  • Justin Anderson (Hill End - Mid Gippsland FL)


  • Lachlan Staker (Doveton Eagles)

  • Cedric LeGrand (Whitehorse Pioneers - EFL)

  • Jamie Santilli (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Kyle Day (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Kerry Ashford (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Jason Ruprecht (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Chris Thompson (Forest Hill - EFL)

  • Joel Bates (Carrara - AFL Queensland)

  • Paul Lewindon (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Brad Stummer (Cerberus)

  • Lachlan Cummins (Springvale Districts)

  • Lachy Gay (Fish Creek - Alberton FNL)

  • Steven Ashenden (Bunyip - West Gippsland FNC)

  • Nick McKay (Chadstone - VAFA)



Hallam's Under 19 coach Scott MacKenzie and his assistant David Antonielli were appointed as the new senior and reserves coaches of VAFA Division 4 side St Francis Xavier in October, with several of their U19 charges, as well as senior defender Ryan Eggleston, following them across. Transfers for co-captain Stephen Chin, line-breaking half-back Daniel Chin, dynamic goalkicker Shane Thomas and Under 19 captain and SFNL Interleague representative Timmothy Gavenlock were lodged on the first day of the February transfer period.



  • Keegan Hunt (Dandenong)

  • Joshua Collins (St Kilda City)

  • Daniel Casey (Koo Wee Rup - West Gippsland FNC)

  • Marlon McLeod (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Graeme Casey (Berwick - SEFNL)

  • Michael Pearce (Essendon Doutta Stars - EDFL)

  • David Mullins (Bunyip - West Gippsland FNC)

  • Billy Athanasopoulos (Narre Warren - SEFNL)


  • Shane Thomas (Lyndale)

  • Timmothy Gavenlock (Seaford - MPNFL)

  • Matija Sigeti (Stony Creek - Alberton FNL)

  • Justin Marriott (Narre Warren - SEFNL)

  • Matt Neve (Doveton Eagles)

  • Robert Mackay (Heatherton)

  • Stephen Chin (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Daniel Chin (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Andrew Daly (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Luke Johnson (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • David Antonielli (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Ryan Eggleston (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Aaron Alexander (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Hayden Fredericks (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Matthew Dean (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Johnathan King (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Alex MacKenzie (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Jayden Campell (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Connor Carlyon (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Rohan Suttie (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Shaun Logan-Brown (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Andrew Mutsaers (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Nathan May (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Shane Woolley (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Kieran Smith (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Chris Molnar (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Ryan Jordan (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Christopher Raso (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA) 

  • Stefan Cosas (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Timothy Maskiell (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Stephen Richards-Gill (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Daniel Soeurream (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • James Arundale (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Ryan Fort (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Nathan Ramea (St Francis Xavier Old Collegians - VAFA)

  • Tyson Hoy (Hampton Park)

  • Hayden Tyrer (Hampton Park)

  • Kyle Faulkner (Korumburra-Bena - West Gippsland FNC)

  • Brendan Tibballs (Traralgon - Gippsland FL)

  • David Hunter (Cranbourne - SEFNL)

  • Danny Hartley (Lyndale)

  • Troy Curtis (Keysborough)

  • Troy Wright (Keysborough)

  • Matt Gilbert (Belgrave - AFL Yarra Ranges) 

  • Nathan O'Brien (Oakleigh District)

  • Jake Robinson (Sandown Cobras)

  • Michael Robinson (Sandown Cobras)

  • Dylan Wood (Devon Meadows - MPNFL)

  • Isaac Newstead (Doveton Eagles)

  • David Hoy (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Trent Cooley (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Brandon Allen (Bunyip - West Gippsland FNC)

  • Steve Winterton (Endeavour Hills)

  • William Knox (Endeavour Hills)

  • Gordon Walker (East Malvern)

  • Dylan Hettiarachchi (Springvale Districts)



The first lot of transfers have come through for Hampton Park in mid-February, with the SFNL newcomers embarking on an aggressive recruiting campaign to ensure it fields a fiercely competitive in its debut Southern season. Versatile Chelsea Heights utility Jackson Fry became the first high-profile Southern recruit to land at Robert Booth Reserve and looms as a welcome addition to the former SEFNL outfit. After previously dominating the Under 19 competition as a prolific goalkicker, the penetrating left-footer has since transformed himself into a skilful, line-breaking senior defender. Fry enjoyed a terrific 2017 season in the back half, but devastatingly missed the majority of the finals series, including the Heighters' Division 2 premiership victory, through injury. The club has also seen a sextet of stars cross over from nearby Doveton, including former Vice Captain Michael Henry, who is predicted by many to have a standout season in red and black. Meanwhile, Lyndale's 2016 Best & Fairest winner, Taylor Rainey, is one of three Pumas that have signaled their intentions to join the Redbacks.



  • Jackson Fry (Chelsea Heights)

  • Taylor Rainey (Lyndale)

  • Jake Rech (Lyndale)

  • Mitch Robinson (Lyndale)

  • Michael Henry (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Michael McLean (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Ashley Scott (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Cameron Williamson (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Harley Primrose (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Travis Davis (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Mitchell Woolgar (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Joseph Beech (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Brad Phillips (Officer - SEFNL)

  • Cory Phillips (Officer - SEFNL)

  • Matthew Rus (Officer - SEFNL)

  • Brenton Hollingworth (Springvale Districts)

  • James Kellett (Springvale Districts)

  • Danny Rout (Springvale Districts)

  • Blake Rout (Springvale Districts)

  • Joshua Viney (Koo Wee Rup - Ellinbank & District FL)

  • Zak Hogton (DWWWW - Alberton FNL)

  • Brayden McConkey (Congupna - Murray FL)

  • Kane Bloxsidge (Eaton Boomers - South West FL)

  • Mitchell Hill (North Fremantle - West Australian Amateur FL)

  • Haydan Versluys-Tyrer (Cranbourne - SEFNL)

  • Dylan Cortese (Cora Lynn - West Gippsland FNC)

  • Matthew Adair (Cora Lynn - West Gippsland FNC)

  • Sean Winsall (Cora Lynn - West Gippsland FNC)

  • Heath Peach (Cora Lynn - West Gippsland FNC)

  • Aron Elysee (Lyndale)

  • Jess Cuffe (Keysborough)

  • Tyson Hoy (Hallam)

  • Hayden Tyrer (Hallam)

  • Zachary McDonald (Mulgrave - EFL)

  • Luke Nunan (Officer - SEFNL)

  • Daniel Boudoloh (Northern Saints - EDFL)

  • Stuart Orr (East Roxby - Far North FL)

  • Mathew McInroy-Howard (Garfield - West Gippsland FNC)

  • Cody Camerson (Carrum Patterson Lakes)

  • Scott Masterson (Colbinabbin - Heathcote District FL)


  • Jake Pelham (Mordialloc)

  • Harrison Paul (Beaconsfield - SEFNL)

  • Hayden Brough (Beaconsfield - SEFNL)

  • Nicholas Williams (Rowville - EFL)

  • Jakob Smit (Caramut - Mininera & District FL)

  • Zappa Jenkins (Caramut - Mininera & District FL)

  • Peter Dicecco (Caramut - Mininera & District FL)

  • Robert North (Heatherton)

  • Alexander Blanck (Heatherton)

  • Zac Hanlen (East Burwood - EFL)

  • Karanbir Singh (Masala - VAFA)

  • Tyson Hoy (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

[caption id="attachment_17345" align="aligncenter" width="275"] Jackson Fry[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_17344" align="aligncenter" width="275"] Taylor Rainey[/caption]





The Tunners have been industrious in February, following the departures of playing coach Chris Keenan and two-time Best & Fairest winner Jesse Stone, and will enter 2018 with a number of fresh faces. Five DWWWW players have requested transfers to Heatherton, including former Dingley and Hallam key position player Travis Walker, and 2013 Leader Shooting Star nominee John Mentiplay (Dingley). Former Oakleigh District premiership star Khaled Kandakji also joins the club from Cranbourne, reuniting with his former coach Shayne Sheedy, and the electrifying goalsneak is set to completely transform the Tonners' forward line. Ex-Oakleigh Crusher Andy Weymouth will also call Ross Street home this year.



  • Khaled Kandakji (Cranbourne - SEFNL)

  • Jamal Kandakji (Highett)

  • Zachary Gulavin (Narre Warren - SEFNL)

  • Bradley Starkey (Nar Nar Goon - West Gippsland FNC)

  • Raymond Smith (Garfield - West Gippsland FNC)

  • Matthew Scarlett (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • James Wilson (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Jayden Arter (DWWWW - Alberton FNL)

  • Travis Walker (DWWWW - Alberton FNL)

  • John Mentiplay (DWWWW - Alberton FNL)

  • Luke Fakos (DWWWW - Alberton FNL)

  • Mehdi Daoud (DWWWW - Alberton FNL)

  • Daniel Hookem (DWWWW - Alberton FNL)

  • Zein Daoud (Oakleigh Crushers - VAFA)

  • Andrew Weymouth (Oakleigh Crushers - VAFA)

  • Benjamin Clark-Henry (Cheltenham)

  • Brodie O'Loughlin (Lyndale)

  • Mark Stevens (Rockbank - Riddell District FL)

  • Dylan Ross (Clayton)

  • Robert North (Hampton Park)

  • Alexander Blanck (Hampton Park)

  • Matthew Williams (Rowville Hawks - EFL)

  • Lachlan O'Halloran (Dingley)

  • Matthew Roach (Karingal - MPNFL)

  • Shannon Rainey (Lyndale)

  • David McIntosh (Prahran Assumption - VAFA)

  • Glenn Rees (Monbulk - AFL Yarra Ranges)

  • Robert Mackay (Hallam)

  • Nathan Prosser (The Basin - EFL)

  • Shayne Sheedy (Oakleigh District)

  • Christopher Sandlant (Mulgrave - EFL)

  • Jarrod Cruse (Mulgrave - EFL)


  • Jesse Stone (Trafalgar - Mid Gippsland FL)

  • Chris Keenan (St Kilda City)

  • Shaun Keenan (Cranbourne - SEFNL)

  • Regan Maddaford (Tarwin - Alberton FNL)

  • Aidan Nelson (Noble Park - EFL)

  • Anthony Vanzella (Box Hill North - VAFA)

  • Jamie Lovat (Lyndhurst)

  • Jarryd Elton (Forest Hill - EFL)

  • Josh McLaren (Dingley)

  • Jarryd Cox (St Pauls)

  • Blake Cochrane (East Brighton)

  • Nathan Foster (East Brighton)

  • Martin Weaver (Gordon - Central Highlands FL)

  • Scott Szucs (Tooradin-Dalmore - SEFNL)

  • Jason Siegel (Tooradin-Dalmore - SEFNL)

  • Alex Robinson (Carrum Patterson Lakes)

  • Blair Reynolds (St Mary's Salesian - VAFA)

  • Cameron Collett (Frankston Dolphins)

  • Daley Jones (Clayton)

[caption id="attachment_16944" align="aligncenter" width="317"] Khaled Kandakji[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_17287" align="aligncenter" width="447"] Travis Walker[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_17288" align="aligncenter" width="445"] Andy Weymouth[/caption]




  • Samuel Dean (Mangoplah Cookardinia United Eastlakes - Riverina FL)

  • Brody Low (Hinterland Blues - AFL Queensland)

  • Michael Gliddon (Bunbury - South West FL)

  • Jack Zeler (Dingley)

  • Alex Lobczuk (Caroline Springs - WRFL)

  • Rhys Roscoe (Sacred Heart Old Collegians - Adelaide FL)

  • David Cannizzo (Clayton)

  • Caleb Hounihan (Eley Park Sharks - VAFA)

  • Anthony May (Mount Waverley)

  • Nicholas Wilcox (Mansfield - Goulburn Valley FL)

  • Dylan Powell (Wembley - West Australian Amateur FL)

  • Brock Pescud (Wembley - West Australian Amateur FL)

  • Lochlan Price (St Bedes / Mentone Tigers - VAFA)

  • David Bell (Yarram - North Gippsland FNL)

  • Michael Steer (King Valley United - Ovens & King FL)

  • Bryce Denaro (Robinvale-Euston - Sunraysia FNL)


  • Damien Angus (Keilor - EDFL)

  • James McMillan (Richmond Central - VAFA)

  • Shane Tyssen (West Sunshine - WRFL)

  • Justin Baxter (Warburton Millgrove - AFL Yarra Ranges)

  • Shaun Fitzpatrick (Pine Rivers - AFL Queensland)

  • Bernard Brady (Power House - VAFA)

  • Blake Mios (Rostrevor - Adelaide FL)

  • Jack Waldron (Lancefield - Riddell District FL)

  • Thomas Soultanakis (Prahran Assumption - VAFA)



The Demons have been the biggest player in Division 3 and landed the first big fish in November with the signing of two-time Noble Park premiership player George Angelopoulos. The skilful, hard-as-nails midfielder finished in the top five of the Bulls' B&F on four occasions, and has also had stints at Stony Creek, Narre Warren and Karingal, where he was named in the MPNFL Team of the Year. Another key signing is former Oakleigh Chargers (TAC Cup) premiership player Sam Raru, who joins the club from Doveton. A polished midfielder, Raru spent two years at Port Melbourne in the VFL before joining the Doves, where his brilliant 2017 season included a fourth-place finish in the League Best & Fairest and selection in the SEFNL Team of the Year. In other November transfer news, Chris Chalmers also returns to Springvale after stints at Karingal and Nar Nar Goon over the last three seasons, ex-Oakleigh District, Stony Creek and Noble Park key defender Nathan Brown makes the switch to Newcomen Road and former Oakleigh District premiership players Daniel Saldanha and Mladen Josic further bolster a strong Districts' list.

Tyabb key position player Jake Beckwith became the District's first transfer of 2018, while Keysborough young gun and Sandringham Dragon Jacob Bakes has also transferred across to Newcomen Road to play with his mates and will add significant class to the Parkmore/Springvale Districts Under 19 side.



  • George Angelopoulos (Stony Creek - Alberton FNL)

  • Jacob Bakes (Keysborough)

  • Christopher Pitsos (Noble Park - EFL)

  • Chris Chalmers (Nar Nar Goon - West Gippsland FNL)

  • Daniel Saldanha (Oakleigh District)

  • Mladen Josic (Stony Creek - Alberton FNL)

  • Nathan Brown (Stony Creek - Alberton FNL)

  • Aaron Peebles (DWWWW - Alberton FNL)

  • Sam Raru (Doveton Doves - SEFNL)

  • Adam Sikora (Dingley)

  • Jake Beckwith (Tyabb - MPNFL)

  • Johnathon Malom (Lyndale)

  • Jared Henshaw (Lyndale)

  • Huan Nguyen (Lyndale)

  • Lachlan Fielding (Somerville - MPNFL)

  • Lachlan Cummins (Endeavour Hills)

  • Lachlan Milne (East Burwood - EFL)

  • Vinh Dang (Dandenong)

  • Jayme Le (Dandenong)

  • Daniel Wen (Ferntree Gully Eagles - EFL)

  • Timothy Allan (Mordialloc)

  • Nathan Jones (Stratford - East Gippsland FNL)

  • Luke Robins (Stratford - East Gippsland FNL)

  • Matthew Maidment (Leongatha - Gippsland FL)

  • Dylan Hettiarachchi (Hallam)


  • Chris Lacey (Frankston Dolphins)

  • Joshua Dart (Frankston Dolphins)

  • Jayden Dart (Frankston Dolphins)

  • Soeun Sang (Frankston Dolphins)

  • Brenton Hollingworth (Hampton Park)

  • Danny Rout (Hampton Park)

  • Blake Rout (Hampton Park)

  • James Kellett (Hampton Park)

  • Perry Lewis-Smith (Pines - MPNFL)

  • Jack Lewis-Smith (Pines - MPNFL)

  • Hugh Cullen-Scholes (Lyndhurst)

  • Bao Le (Sandown Cobras)

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