AFL Victoria Player Points System Policy

Community Club Sustainability Program

The Community Club Sustainability Program (CCSP) Advisory Panel believes that equalisation of community football competitions is vital for community football.

Even and fair competitions lead to interest, which leads to bigger crowds, which leads to stronger clubs and competitions. Even competitions allow supporters and club volunteers the chance to turn up on any given match day with the knowledge that the outcome of the game is uncertain and that their team is a chance of winning. This mindset motivates people to become and remain engaged with their community club and provides rewards and recognition to all those that assist in putting a team out on the field.

The philosophy of competition equalisation is accepted in sports all around the world. Professional sporting bodies have accepted practices such as drafts, salary caps, and the like in order to help competitions ensure competitiveness and club sustainability.

The SFNL has adopted the AFL Victoria Player Points System and Player Payment Rules outlined below.

For further support and information, please click the following link for SFNL presentations relating to theĀ SFNL Community Club Sustainability Program.


Player Points System

1 Player Points System Policy (November 2022)

2 AFL Victoria MoU Template


Player Payment Rule

1 AFL Victoria Player Payment Rules

2 Player Payment Guidelines

3 AFL Victoria Standard Player Declaration

4 AFL Victoria Non-Declared Player Statement

5 2023 APP Budget and Declaration Summary

6 Document Module – User Guide for Club Administrators