AFL Victoria Player Points System Policy

The Community Club Sustainability Program (CCSP) Advisory Panel believes that equalisation of community football competitions is vital for community football.

Even and fair competitions lead to interest, which leads to bigger crowds, which leads to stronger clubs and competitions. Even competitions allow supporters and club volunteers the chance to turn up on any given match day with the knowledge that the outcome of the game is uncertain and that their team is a chance of winning. This mindset motivates people to become and remain engaged with their community club and provides rewards and recognition to all those that assist in putting a team out on the field.

The philosophy of competition equalisation is accepted in sports all around the world. Professional sporting bodies have accepted practices such as drafts, salary caps, and the like in order to help competitions ensure competitiveness and club sustainability.

The objectives of the state PPS Policy are as follows, to:

  1. support equalization of community football Competitions;
  2. ensure teams fielded in the Competitions are strong and as equally matched as possible;
  3. provide the best opportunities for players to develop and display their skills;
  4. provide opportunities to compete at a community level within an orderly and fair system;
  5. enable team spirit and public support;
  6. encourage community and corporate sponsorships of Community Clubs;
  7. reduce the inflationary nature of player payments to assist clubs survive financially and reduce financial burden/stress on Clubs;
  8. promote player loyalty and junior development;
  9. support the role volunteers undertake in managing their Clubs by; – minimising the need to fundraise for player payments
  10. providing a more competitive environment on field, that encourages more volunteers to support at Club level
  11. providing incentive to spend more time and effort in the development of football, a welcoming Club environment and growing the game within the local community.

This PPS Policy sets out a framework of rules and guiding principles in relation to a player points system which should be adopted by Community Clubs in order to achieve the above objectives.

In line with the initiatives of the AFL Victoria Community Club Sustainability Program, the SFNL will remain with 46 Total Team Points for all grades of Senior Men’s Football as ratified by the SFNL Board.
Member Clubs should ensure the limit of 46 Total Team Points is remembered during the recruitment of players for season 2022 to avoid disappointment in being unable to pick all available players on your list.
For full details, view the Player Points System Policy below.




Under 7.3 of the AFL Victoria Player Points System Policy (2020), Metropolitan Leagues and Region Commissions may, acting reasonably, reassess an individual player’s Player Points Allocation where it is deemed inappropriate based on playing history and circumstances. In addition, Community Clubs may make an application detailing relevant evidence regarding the reassessment of a player to its relevant Metropolitan League or Region Commission.

Any reassessment against a Player Point Allocation must be made online to the SFNL no later than Friday 10:00am before the player’s first Senior Home and Away Match of each season. The SFNL appointed sub-committee will provide a determination on each reassessment received online by Friday close of business.

Once the process in clauses 3.7 and 3.8 of the Player Points System Policy has been undertaken, any player’s Player Point Allocation will be fixed for that season unless the Southern Football Netball League is of the view that there are exceptional circumstances relevant to a player that warrant an amendment of the Player Point Allocation during the season.

To apply for an Individual Player Points Reassessment, please click the below link. Any requests for Player Points Reassessment that are made without using this prescribed form will not be considered.