At the AFL Victoria Affiliated Leagues Conference in December 2013, of which the SFL attended, player payments and the burden this is placing on clubs were once again highlighted by league representatives as a significant issue in community football and it was agreed that it needed to be addressed.

AFL Victoria has recently formed a working party aimed to address the issue of community football player payments. The working party has been developed consisting of Community Football Board representatives, AFL Victoria staff, AFL Victoria Country representatives and Metropolitan league representatives to facilitate the input of ideas from key stakeholders, and the working party report back to all Victorian football leagues at our quarterly meetings.

In recent times there has been increasing concern raised within community football surrounding the implication of escalating player payments and the longer term sustainable nature of this growth on clubs and leagues.

As part of a coordinated effort to tackle this issue on behalf of community football, almost all senior clubs in the State have recently received an invite to complete an anonymous online club survey. The survey is to help identify player payment issues and how they are impacting on-field competitiveness, club sustainability, volunteer recruitment and retention, as well as ideas on how they can be better managed into the future. This survey forms part of the process that will provide important feedback that will be critical in ultimately shaping a state-wide solution to this issue.

Clubs have been requested to form a group of relevant representatives from within the club to complete the survey which closes at 5pm on Friday 25th of July 2014. All survey responses from clubs will be strictly confidential with the data from this research ultimately being reported in aggregate form.

Club representatives are requested to ensure their club completes the survey and response to assist in forming strategies to tackle the issue.

If you have an opinion regarding Player Payments then please contact your Club President to discuss being involved in the survey submission.

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