beyondblue Man Therapy

Meet beyondblue’s latest recruit Davo – he’s good friends with Dr. Brian Ironwood and he’s great with a power drill and a ladder. Davo is here to let blokes know it’s OK to talk about mental health and what’s going on.

You’ll be seeing him around the traps over the next few months promoting the new Man Therapy website, sharing man tips and eating all the meat.

Davo does have a serious role to play. Evidence still indicates that men are far less likely to seek help for mental health conditions than women, and every day in Australia more than five men die by suicide. By raising understanding of the signs and symptoms about anxiety and depression, reducing stigma and encouraging help seeking, beyondblue is empowering men to admit when they are not OK, seek help and get better sooner.

We think all blokes can learn a thing or two from Davo – encourage them to visit for more man tips and to complete our Mind Quiz.

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