SFNL Women's Week 2 Finals Preview

By Jarryd McGuane



Oakleigh District vs Highett

Power Reserve, Doveton - 9:45am

Oakleigh District Thumbnail V Highett Thumbnail

Oakleigh District will play Highett in the first Semi Final at Power Reserve on Saturday morning, with the winner to move on to face Mordialloc.

The Oaks have controlled the meetings during the regular season although never blowing the Bulldogs away.

Emily McIntyre, Jodie Bray, Jess Szalek, Alexandra Amvazas and Rachel McNamara remain the players that make Oakleigh District tick.

Highett have been led by Hannah Bowey, Ally Gilchrist and Tyra Joseph, but have started to get a wide range on contributors.

Highett will make sure the game is close, but Oakleigh District should secure another chance at Mordialloc.

Oakleigh District by five points.



East Brighton vs Hallam

Power Reserve, Doveton - 9:45am

East Brighton Thumbnail V Hallam Thumbnail

Murrumbeena will be waiting until Sunday to find out who they will play out of East Brighton and Hallam in the Preliminary Final.

Again, East Brighton controlled the regular season match ups against Hallam, with the improving Hawks only falling seven points short in the final meeting.

The Vampires influential players going forward include Alannah Dalley, Izy Catrice, Jessie Pham, Anna McDonald and Rachel Martin.

The Hawks have seen the ever-reliable Natalie Horua and Michelle Thomas controlling the game with Amanda Valdemarin and Tamisha Gersbeck consistently getting on the scoreboard.

Although Hallam have been impressive late in the season, East Brighton should have enough class.

East Brighton by nine points.

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