SFNL Tribunal and MRP Findings 6/5/2022

Tribunal Hearing Person Club Charge Plea Decision Penalty
Set Penalty Daniel O'Connell-Webb Ashwood Engaging in a Melee - Set Penalty 1 Match
Set Penalty Michael Klonaridis Murrumbeena  Engaging in a Melee - Set Penalty 1 Match
Set Penalty Patrick Johnson South Yarra Rough Conduct - Set Penalty 1 Match
Set Penalty Nick Kataforis South Mornington Disputing a decision of an umpire & behaving in an abusinve, insulting, threatening or obsceene manner towards or in relation to an umpire - Set Penalty 2 Match
Appeal Hearing Kiana Te Huia Lyndale Misconduct or Serious misconduct N/A Appeal Dismissed 4 Match
Independent Tribunal Anthony Koutsoubos Lyndale  Rough Conduct Not Guilty Guilty 3 Match
Independent Tribunal Shaun Maxwell South Mornington Bumping or making forecful contact with an opponenet from front-on Guilty Guilty 8 Match

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