SFNL Netball Grand Final Fixtures

After 15 gruelling rounds and two weeks of cut-throat finals, we have now arrived at the biggest day on the SFNL Netball calendar.

It's Grand Final Day for our netballers on Sunday and 18 teams from nine clubs will do battle for the ultimate prize across all nine divisions.

It promises to be a huge day  at Rowan Road Netball Complex, so make sure you are there to witness all the action. Just $5 gets you entry into the venue, with the first round of Grand Final matches kicking off at 11:10am.

We wish all netballers competing on Sunday the very best of luck!

View the full list of Sunday's Grand Final fixtures below.


Division 1

Heatherton Netball Dress V Dingley Netball Dress

Heatherton v Dingley

Court 3, 2:30pm


Division 2

Heatherton Netball Dress V St Pauls Netball Dress

Heatherton v St Pauls

Court 3, 12:50pm


Division 3

Heatherton Netball Dress V Dingley Netball Dress

Heatherton v Dingley

Court 5, 2:30pm


Division 4

South Yarra Netball Dress V Heatherton Netball Dress

South Yarra v Heatherton White

Court 5, 12:50pm


Division 5

Black Rock Netball Dress V Heatherton Netball Dress

Black Rock v Heatherton

Court 10, 2:30pm


Division 6

Lyndhurst Netball Dress V Caulfield Netball Dress

Lyndhurst v Caulfield

Court 5, 11:10am


Division 7

Heatherton Netball Dress V MOUNT WAVERLEY Netball Dress

Heatherton v Mount Waverley

Court 10, 12:50pm


Division 8

Heatherton Netball Dress V Chdeltenham Netball Dress

Heatherton v Cheltenham

Court 10, 11:10am


Under 19

Dingley Netball Dress V Dingley Netball Dress

Dingley Two v Dingley One

Court 3, 11:10am

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