SFNL Launches Team App

Last week the Southern Football Netball League launched a partnership with Team App, a free smartphone application that helps you keep up to date with everything SFNL.

The SFNL's Team App provides club members and supporters with access to all the latest League fixtures, results, ladders, news and events at your finger tips. Plus, get notified of League announcements, alerts and updates, read the SFNL Record, listen to SFNL radio podcasts, and access live scores and radio commentary via SFNL Live, all from the one easy-to-use smartphone app!

To get started on Team App:

  1. Head to your App Store IOS or Play Store Android and download the Team App - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

  2. Sign up to Team App

  3. Search and Select 'SFNL'

  4. Fill in your details to access all of the action.

Download Team App and get started today!

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