Ladies of the League

As this weekend is SFL Women’s Round, the league took some time to get to know some of the ‘Ladies of the League’.

Kerrie Thornhill – Hampton Football Club 

How are you involved in the football club?

I am the current Secretary for the Hampton Football and Netball Club and have been since season 2013.
This year I also took on the role as Coach for our Hampton Hammerbirds netball team.


Kate Foster – St Kilda City Netball

What do you enjoy most about the relationship with the netball and football teams?

The other netballers and myself enjoy the social side of being involved with the football club. Together we are able to enhance the community sport experience which is great.


Jodie Price – Skye Football Club

Have attitudes towards women changed during your time at the club?

Most definitely, 6 years ago when I started, having a 19 year old female trainer walk into a football club that was almost completely run by men was a big change for everyone. I have almost become a part of the woodwork now. Everyone has always had a huge amount of respect for me from the moment I stepped foot in the door. In my time at the club I would like to think I’ve had an influence on the increase of involvement of women at Skye FNC. This year we have 4 female trainers, and a strong base of female committee members and volunteers. The club has had a phenomenal amount of growth in its short time, it has become a club for everyone of all ages. We have plenty of young families around and our support base comes from the WAGS of course.


Libby Toovey – SFLUA

What inspired you to become an umpire in the SFL?

I've always loved footy, watching it and being apart of it. When I was younger I really wanted to play but unfortunately there weren't many opportunities for girls to play back then. The next option was to see if I could umpire. I got into contact with Adrian Fisher who was in charge of the umpires at the SMJFL (the junior competition). One week later I was umpiring my first ever game of footy and I loved it! I haven't look back and am very glad that I decided to umpire instead of play football!


Chris Bugden – Caulfield Football Club

What would you say to other females who are thinking about getting involved in community sport?

Do it please!!! Through being involved in a local community sporting club I’ve met some terrific people and learnt a great deal about football and also myself. I still find it rewarding and exciting, especially when the teams have a win!


Maggie Dawes – St Pauls Football Club

What have been some highlights during your time at the club?

I have enjoyed sharing in the Grand Final celebrations of both our Seniors and Reserves. I take great pleasure in watching the younger boys come up from the junior club and make their way into the ranks of the U19’s and the Seniors. I have one son playing football but I feel like I have many more.



Be sure to get yourself a copy of this week’s record where you’ll catch the full answers from our ‘Ladies of the League’


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