Jets Enlist Wingmen in Mental Health Fight

Black Rock FNC continues to make a positive influence within its community with the launch of its ‘Who’s your Wingman?’ campaign last Saturday.

As part of the launch, the club unveiled new 2x6m fence banners with the ‘Who’s Your Wingman?’ message emblazoned across the front. The banners were display prominently on both wings at McDonald Reserve for its clash with Lyndale, and will remain there for every home game during the season.

The campaign delivers one clear and powerful message that the club hopes will enable young men to identify potential mental health issues and encourage them to speak to a mate if they or someone they know maybe experiencing any anxiety or depression symptoms.

The ‘Who's Your Wingman?’ slogan is a clear and concise message, and the implementation of the new fence banner gives it a prominent visual presence within the community that a poster in the club rooms simply cannot deliver.

In a statement, the club said it remains socially responsible for the young men and women who call McDonald Reserve home, and for the wider community of Black Rock where they continue to be actively involved.

“Football clubs provide the opportunity for our young men to fulfil their physical, social and emotional needs and through participation both physical and social aspects are satisfied,” the statement read.

“The emotional side is harder to achieve as they tend to shy away from any personal issues they have or they see in a mate.

“The ‘Who's Your Wingman?’ statement attempts to break down this barrier by stating that 'mates are relevant'… (and) that its OK to speak to a mate who maybe a teammate, coach, president whoever.

“The statement also tries to motivate guys to approach a mate who they believe could be experiencing issues by asking ‘are you ok?’”

On Thursday 11th May, the Jets arranged for all of its players to participate in a mental health care presentation by former Dingley premiership player Daniel Bolger, who has gone through the depths of depression and is now sharing his experiences with sporting clubs to encourage people to seek help.

Over 60 Black Rock players and staff were confronted by a young man with a clear message that mates are so important for anyone experiencing mental health issues.

Congratulations to Black Rock, and in particular President John Burke, on the launch of this tremendous new initiative.

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