Doveton Devotee Claims Women's Achievement Award

Few people have devoted more time and energy to their local sporting club than Andrea MacDonald.

For more than three decades, Andrea has been the glue that has held the Doveton Eagles Football Club together.

And it’s this lengthy contribution that has saw MacDonald presented with the prestigious SFNL Women’s Achievement Award at the second annual Women of the South cocktail event on Friday night.

Instituted in 2015, the SFNL Women’s Achievement Award aims to recognise and celebrate the substantial contributions women make to our game, our league and our member clubs.

MacDonald was one of three shortlisted nominees for the award, narrowly defeating worthy candidates Yvonne McMillan (Heatherton) and Jodie Pacey (Skye) for the title.

Speaking on the SFNL’s Sunday radio program, The 5th Quarter, MacDonald said the award came as a bit of a shock, but was nonetheless thrilled to have won it.

“Very surprised, actually. A bit lost for words,” she said.

“I am very chuffed about getting it, very honoured.”

MacDonald’s longevity is remarkable, having been involved at the Doveton Eagles since the club’s inception in 1980.

In the ensuing years, she has held myriad positions within the club. She worked behind the club’s canteen for 15 years between 1980 and 1995, as well as served numerous years as club Secretary and Treasurer, including holding both positions at once in 2013.

She was Vice President of the club in 2012 and has served on the committee of management that oversees the running of their home ground and pavilion at Power Road for at least the last five years.

And despite her already vast contribution to the club, MacDonald shows no signs of slowing down and continues to remain involved with her beloved Eagles.

She is currently the team manager of both the senior and reserve teams as well as the club’s property steward, roles she has held since 2002.

In addition, she has been the club’s registrar from more than a decade.

MacDonald has long been recognised within the club for her service, winning the ‘Best Club Person’ award several times, but she insists it’s her love for the club rather than awards that keeps her going.

“I don’t do what I do to get accolades, a simple thank you is usually what keeps me (going),” MacDonald said.

“It keeps me occupied, I love the club, I love doing it.”

Successful clubs are built upon the hard work and dedication of volunteers, and there is little doubt that the Doveton Eagles would not have had the success they have had without the contributions of Andrea MacDonald.

Congratulations, Andrea, on your richly deserved honour.

[caption id="attachment_12259" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Andrea MacDonald receives her award at the Women of the South cocktail event on Friday night. Andrea MacDonald receives her award at the Women of the South cocktail event on Friday night.[/caption]

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