Colts and Lightning Love the Game

The Port Melbourne Colts and Lyndhurst have become the first SFNL clubs to hold a ‘Love the Game’ information session in 2017.

The educations sessions, run by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, aim to highlight the dangers of problem gambling and lessen the presence of gambling in sport by encouraging people to focus on the game, rather than the betting odds.

Community Educators, Tracey Collins and Caroline Wareham, reckon the two sessions have started the season on a high.

“It was a rewarding evening with the Colts,” Tracey said. “Lots of positive feedback and some great conversations about how the program can grow and really make a difference.”

Port Melbourne Colts Secretary Pam Snow was impressed by the Love The Game session the club hosted, and recommends the sessions to all clubs.

"The session was most informative and interesting. Some interesting facts were presented and plenty of information was provided. There were plenty of questions asked by the players and we presented our Club Champions to the group,"
Snow said.

"Since the presentation we have had three people approach the club for more information, which was provided, and people have noticed all the material around the clubrooms.

"Love the Game is a great initiative and we would recommend all clubs to host a session."

Caroline was also warmly welcomed at Lyndhurst.

“The playing group were engaged and seemed to take on board the main messages. There was a lot of talk about the importance of looking out for mates,” she said.

Lyndhurst President Andrew King spoke glowingly of the benefits the session had on his club.

“With the variety, availability and ease in today's world of access to gambling, the club felt it important to be responsible to our senior membership and provide as much information and warnings as possible. As a result, the club requested a session from VRGF - Love the Game Program,” King said.

“All our senior players were urged to attend and we had a great turnout on a voluntary basis. The buy in from the players was awesome with many questions and a comment from the presenter at the end of how well the seniors presented and got involved.

“It was a session that was well worthwhile.”

Remember - “Love the game, not the odds”.

[caption id="attachment_15034" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Love the Game The Lyndhurst boys at their recent Love the Game education session.[/caption]

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