CEO 2022 Season Kick Off Announcement

The 2022 season is here, it’s been a long wait after only completing 12 rounds in 2021 and we can’t wait to bounce the ball. The last 2 years have been very challenging for all, we thank everyone for their continued efforts during these tough times, we as a league are supporting all clubs to return in the best shape they can.

Congratulations to the following additions for season 2022;

  • East Malvern who are entering a Netball team for the first time

  • 4 new senior women’s football teams at (Black Rock, Moorabbin, St Pauls McKinnon & Narre South Saints)

  • Under 19’s (Lyndhurst, Highett, Cranbourne & Doveton Doves)

  • Thirds (Cranbourne & Bentleigh).

We have introduced a few initiatives for this season and continued with some of the ones we introduced in 2021;

  • The SFNL Football Development Squads in conjunction with the STKFC for both men’s and woman’s footballers will be run again as successfully run in 2021.

  • The Netball Coaches will also have development opportunities throughout the year again.

  • We will have access to the Danny Frawley Centre for mental health programs to accompany the work we are doing with Game Changer as well as using the centre for rehab etc…

On behalf of the SFNL Board, we want to introduce a new initiative aimed at energising and mobilising women involved in the SFNL as administrators and volunteers.  The program aligns with the Board’s values outlined in our strategic plan around inclusiveness and innovation.  We are calling this initiative the ‘Southern Squad’.

The Southern Squad is aimed at supporting women in club land and will focus sessions aimed in the areas of;

  • Inclusivity, club culture, facilities, coaching females and female coaches (two separate but related topics).

  • The program will be in conjunction with and complementary to the AFLV women’s program, and we strongly encourage you to get around both programs and make sure the women within your club participate. We have already identified over 50 women in club roles so we have a great base to launch from.

  • We are incredibly excited that our first speaker is Tanya Hosch. Tanya is the Executive General Manager of Inclusion and Social Policy at the AFL and she will be speaking to our group on “Women Supporting Women in Sport.”

  • SFNL will be advertising the program via email and social media so please do make sure all of your female volunteers – from board members, committee members, down to your gate and canteen volunteers know about it and have a chance to participate.

We pay thanks also to the AFL for funding the 2022 Coaches accreditation, trainers courses and the league development funding that allows Travis Switzer to work with all clubs around strategic planning.

We also have support from the AFL to use Shane Morwood for some 1-1 coaching mentoring in the SFNL which has been offered to first year senior coaches.

Our League Partnerships continue to grow, again we thank our major partner in the Bendigo Bank, from this year we have the referral program initiative, a great way to earn revenue for your club just by nominating #40620 when you take out a Bendigo Bank loan product.

Also a big thank you to Blackchrome our apparel supplier, Sandown Greyhounds continue to support us and will host our annual awards event at the end of the year, AV Jennings who along with STKFC will have the naming rights on the match day footballs & netballs in 2022.

We thank everyone here for your contribution to our League, both Football and Netball, all of you here make a difference in your community not only to the 6,000 participants we have but to the thousands of people involved at all levels every single week whether they play our games, volunteer their time and efforts or are simply just fans of our 2 great games. I wish you all the best for the season ahead.

League Partners