Banding Together for 2022 TAC Road Safety Round

AFL Victoria the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), St Kilda Senior Coach Brett Ratten and the Victorian Government have officially launched TAC Road Safety Round yesterday at RSEA Park.

Joining them were representatives from SFNL clubs Cranbourne Football Netball Club, Black Rock Football Netball Club, South Yarra Football Netball Club, St Pauls Football Netball Club and Dingley Football Netball Club.

So far this year, 132 people have lost their lives on Victorian roads, with 77 of those in regional areas – a concerning rise on the 59 regional deaths at the same time last year. This weekend, TAC Road Safety Round will look to play a significant role in influencing attitudes and behaviours on our roads.

Kicking off this weekend, coaches, players, and supporters from more than 1,000 Victorian football and netball clubs will don a blue armband to show their commitment to eliminating death and serious injury on our roads.

Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events Steve Dimopoulos said: “Local football and netball clubs are at the heart of their communities and play a significant role in influencing attitudes and behaviours on our roads – especially when it comes to their younger players and members.”

“Tragically, most football and netball clubs across Victoria will have felt the impact of road trauma firsthand. This Road Safety Round is an opportunity to remember those we have lost and educate the community on the importance of road safety.”

The TAC’s partnership with AFL Victoria provides the perfect platform to speak directly to thousands of Victorians who are travelling hundreds of kilometres on the state’s road network for games and training every year.

Head of AFL Victoria Ben Kavenagh said: “Across the state, we know that our players, coaches, volunteers, and supporters are spending a huge amount of time driving to and from training and matches, often at night, in the wet, on country roads or after a long day at work.

"Road safety is something that is so acutely relevant to everyone in community football and netball.”


Clubs can extend their support and involvement in the TAC Road Safety Round, with all AFL Victoria-affiliated clubs given the opportunity to take part and earn up to $10,000 in funding by promoting road safety to their community as part of the TAC Club Rewards Program.

Find out more about TAC and AFL Victoria Road Safety Round below.

Photos via Riley Lockett of Frankie Photography

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