Under 19 Grand Final Review

By Britt Goldsmith

Dingley 10.8 (68) defeated St Kilda City 6.11 (47)

Dingley have taken the league’s top prize over underdog hopefuls St Kilda City, in a feverish final battle for Under 19s supremacy.

In what was the cherry on top of an almost spotless season, the Dingoes landed their paws on the silverware in triumphant style, finishing ahead of a dogged City who suffered grand final heartbreak for a second consecutive year.

Until now, Dingley’s Under 19s had not won a Grand Final in 59 years.

It was a pattern co-coaches James Cullen and Paul Anderson worked hard at to break.

On the other hand, Matt Hoy’s boys were looking to reconcile following grand final heartbreak this time last year.

The two sides tangoed at the top end of the 19s ladder all season, but a nagging City had always been chasing dingo tails at second place.

As fierce rivals, hot contests erupted between the pair at every meet during the home and away fixture. City has been the only team to knock off Dingley, in contrast to their 17 other unblemished matches.

In May, City defeated Dingley by 23 points but in August, Dingley came out on top by 34. At the semi final two weeks ago, Dingley again proved dominant in a 37-point takedown.

There was something about Dingley and City that made their crossovers too good to miss. Just ask crowds and all would agree - emotion, relentless attack and destructive defensive were always trademark features in a Dingley vs City match. And the grand final was no different.

Sides took to the end of their ground in feisty warm up preparation and corresponding crowds followed, marking their territory on the hills for the day’s hit out. Dingley were arguably made advantageous as they aimed first for the Springvale Reserve’s notorious eastern ‘scoring end’ – and here, they revelled.

85 per cent of the day’s scores were in fact recorded at the eastern end.

City shook off early nerves as their eventual best Julian Howard booted a quick snap before even a minute had ticked over on the clock. Not long after, dingo Connor Watson kicked started Dingley’s tally with a goal of his own.

From here, the game unexpectedly unravelled for City. Once Dingley had a taste of goal, they failed to look back.

Trampling over stunned and silent City, Dingley preceded to boot five more goals on top of Watson’s to their unresponsive opponents. Trailing by 30 points, tempers flared heading into the first break. The dingoes had hit a nerve.

Despite an unfavourable start, the St Kilda City boys knew the game was far from over. In true City style, Dingley learned the Saints weren’t going down easy.

Mosiah Addi restored energy for City with the first goal of the second term, followed by another from Matthew McNaughton (second leading goal kicker for the 19s competition).

In a seesaw series of events, it was here an electric City shocked the previously thriving Dingley, narrowing the margin down to just four points before heading into the rooms.

In the third term, the ‘premiership quarter” certainly lived up to its name. Desperate head over ball attempts from Dingley captain Stefan Lamble combined with an indestructible backline held up by Brodie Stainer and Taj Lewis made it impossible for City to make a move.

3.6 from Dingley to City’s 1.3 stretched their lead out once again, and as they approached the final term at the scoring end City had one last crack at snatching the win.

Despite City’s obvious advantage, Dingley’s defence again proved nightmarish for their opponents. Julian Howard kicked a goal early, but it was not enough. Tiresome attempts to score from City were simply denied from there forward at the hands of a fiery Dingo pack.

A goal from classy forward Remmi-Faulkner Wood gave his side a 21 point lead and effectively sealed Dingley’s premiership deal.

Here, their celebration was hard to conceal – they knew the cup was theirs.

All in all, Dingley’s ability to deflect City’s dogged scoring attempts was the difference in this game, and defending Dingoes were subsequently awarded for their efforts. Stainer adding a second medallion to his neck as the deserving Barnes Medallist, and Lewis named next best.

Congratulations to Dingley, the Southern Football Netball League’s Under 19 Premiers of 2018.


Goal Kickers: C. Watson 2, R. Faulkner-Wood 2, T. Brimble, S. O''Donnell , S. Lamble, L. Leeson, R. Goldsmith, C. Cochrane
Best Players: B. Stainer (Barnes Medallist) T. Lewis, A. Windhager, S. Lamble, D. Stewart, C. Watson


Goal Kickers: J. Howard 3, M. Addi, J. Cochrane, M. McNaughton
Best Players: J. Howard, U. Chol, A. Nyanjok, J. Nyanjok , O. Woods, P. Pekaj

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