The Trevor Easey Story

By Andrew Paloczi

Trevor Easey is much admired at Heatherton Football Netball Club where he has an impressive list of accomplishments.

His involvement with the Tunners commenced in 1977 when he followed his brother to the club, joining Heatherton’s Under 17s side. That year he watched on as Heatherton’s seniors and reserves sides won premierships, playing in the amateurs.

However, he didn’t enjoy such success in the Under 17s team with the side winning one match at most for the season.

The club as a whole then hit challenging times as Easey explains.

“We were pretty unsuccessful after ’77 and I think we got relegated early ‘80s.”

But brighter days were ahead and Easey recalls the satisfaction of playing in the Tunners’ 1985 premiership victory over Preston Old Boys.

“We slowly built a side up (over a few seasons) and a lot of the players came out of our juniors and yeah it was fantastic,” he says of the 10-goal win.

The triumph was all the sweeter given Preston had thrashed Heatherton earlier in the season.

Easey has footage of that 1985 grand final in which the MCG can be seen in the background, the match having been played where Hisense Arena now stands.

Although that day proved to be the only senior premiership he played in, he also featured in three consecutive reserves premierships between 1992 and 1994.

All up, Easey has totalled 337 matches for the Tunners, a figure reached by cobbling together senior, reserve and under 17s games.

Although ostensibly retired due to ongoing knee issues and having not pulled on a Heatherton jumper for at least a couple of years, he may yet be seen in action again.

Easey remains on the Tunners’ players list, just in case numbers run short and the call comes to pull on the boots.

Asked to describe himself as a player, Easey sums it up neatly.

“I’m only five-foot-two so I was a rover when I was younger, not fast, but skilful I suppose with the ball.”

He is able to kick with either foot and marvels at the inability of many full-time, highly paid AFL players to do so.

Off the field, Easey continues his substantial contribution to the Tunners. In 17 years as club secretary and 20 years as reserves team manager, his hard work and devotion to the club has not gone unnoticed by those around him.

The Hall of Fame nomination form submitted on his behalf notes the attributes he has brought to the club.

His “integrity” is mentioned as is “his continued work ethic and understanding for policy and procedure”.

Easey is credited for his “contribution to the club’s success over the years”, and for the part he played in Heatherton achieving ‘Division 2 Club of the Year’ status in the last couple of seasons.

Currently, Easey is vice secretary, still carrying out a wide range of administrative duties.

“I’m still doing all the football stuff so I'm the registrar, team managing the twos. I do the stories for the footy Record (club notes)," Easey says of his current role.

He also acts as a mentor to present secretary Yvonne McMillan.

"He still does all the player registrations and transfers. He talks me through a lot of that process. He's kept me in the loop with the jumper ordering, the Good Sports accreditation process that clubs have to do, the RSA side of things," McMillan says.

“He’s always happy to help and I think he wants to see the club move forward too. He’s passing on information so that we can continue following on from all his hard work.”

McMillan describes Easey as “a bit of a stalwart and an icon of the club”.

SFNL Hall of Fame member and well-known league identity Steve Barnes summed up the commitment Easey shows at Heatherton.

“I know Trevor Easey. I've met Trevor over my journey. He is just an amazing clubman. My grandson plays at Dingley in the unders, and they play their home games at Heatherton's ground on a Sunday and I went down there this year and there's Trevor running the canteen after being there all Saturday."

You need to listen to others to understand the contribution Easey has made in the 41 years he has been a member at Heatherton.

Asked about his achievements as secretary, he is quick to downplay his contribution.

“I’m not the greatest secretary in the world, I’ll give you the drum now. I get things done, but yeah,” he offers in his understated fashion.

Still, that is clearly not how others perceive his efforts around the club as can be established from the glowing tributes already outlined.

When Heatherton plays at home, Easey is usually there about 8.30am getting rooms ready, putting on post covers, doing paper work for teams and taking care of any other requirements.

Another important contribution Easey makes to the Tunners is the effort he puts into researching and recording the club’s history.

This passion can be traced back to his first stint as club secretary in 1989.

He was told at that time that the club’s centenary was approaching. The trouble was that Heatherton’s letterhead suggested the club was established in 1948.

Having a sister who worked at the State Library and working near there himself, it wasn’t long before Easey was ensconced there, working his way through the archives.

His research revealed the club first played in 1913 and was briefly known as the Freighters during the early 1950s.

This resulted from a commercial naming arrangement with Freighters engineering firm.

What’s more, Easey learned that great Essendon full forward John Coleman once represented Heatherton during the period it was known as the Freighters.

There is no question Easey’s achievements on and off the field make him a worthy inductee into the SFNL Hall of Fame, but true to form he is quick to highlight the achievements of previous inductees.

“Look I’m a bit embarrassed actually. I’ve had a look at some of the other people who have won it in the past like Brucy Hill. He’s an absolute legend. Comparing myself to him, I’m not in his league. The lady from Moorabbin (Margaret Torpy) won it a few years back. You just look at what those people have done and I’ve just been there,” Easey remarks, bemused that he is held in such regard.

Well Trevor Easey, those at Heatherton Football Netball Club and the SFNL are glad you have “been there” and hope you continue to be for a long time to come.

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