Southern FNL clubs commemorating ANZAC Day in Round 2

With ANZAC day on the 25th of April (Tuesday), Round 2 is where our clubs have the opportunity to commemorate the ANZAC soldiers.

Clubs across all divisions will be conducting ANZAC ceremonies before the bounce of their senior games, however 2 clubs, Highett FNC and the Moorabbin Kangaroos, have gone above and beyond and designed special guernseys for the round.

It’s both clubs first time creating a jumper for ANZAC Day and when spoken too, both presidents, Daniel Booth (Highett) and Muhammad Kikki (Moorabbin), “Loved the opportunity to do something special.”

In what is a truly special opportunity, both clubs are allowing the players to buy back the jumpers, Highett is also giving the opportunity to their fans to buy the jumpers, with all proceeds going to the Highett RSL.

“Giving the opportunity for the fans to buy the jumpers, is a better way to raise money than walking around with a tin, because they actually get something in return.” Booth said.

Moorabbin kit provider, Blackchrome, provided a few designs to the club and it was a joint decision to choose the camo design.

“We loved the blue and white camo design. The soldiers marching at the bottom was a really nice touch, and the poppy’s is something we really wanted to have, so to have it on the back, it ticked all of our boxes.” Muhammad stated.

Highett's head of apparel had the main say in the design of the Jumper, “Cameron is really clever when it comes to designing stuff, and he did an outstanding job! We also wanted the ANZAC ‘A’ on it but unfortunately we couldn't get the clearance in time to use it.” Booth added.

(PICTURED: Highett Captain, Sam Jackson)


Both jumpers have special sponsors on them with Highett’s being ‘Bryce Pewtress Plumbing’ who don't usually feature on their playing uniform, “It's important to have a local business on this commemorative jumper, to help the community id our main focus.”

Moorabbin will feature the sponsor ‘Crypto chat’ on the back just below the poppy’s.



Moorabbin will come up against Lyndale at home this Saturday in Division 4, with an expected attendance of close to 500. At the end of the game they will be presenting an award to both sides named, ‘Jack Levy - Most courageous player award’.  Named after a member of the club who used to be in the army.

Highettt will play their game on Sunday in Division 2 when they face Black Rock at Turner Road Reserve. An attendance over 500 is expected for their special occasion, so be sure to attend the game and get your hands on one of the Jumpers.

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