Southern FNL Clubs Buckle Up for the TAC Round

For the past 3 years the TAC have set out a mission to local sporting clubs to promote the current campaign. The TAC provides a criteria to leagues in which they will distribute to the clubs. The Criteria states a number of things that has be done by the club to promote the current campaign and the more things ticked off the criteria the more money each club will get from the TAC as they reward participating clubs.

3 Clubs that have been ticking off all the criteria provided as well as doing extra are Division 2 clubs Skye and Black Rock as well as Division 4 side Hampton Hammers.

This year the message that the TAC are really trying to promote is “Phone down, Buckle Up.’’ This mainly due to the road cameras that have been installed over the past 6 months. With promoting the consequences of 4 demerit points and a $577 fine.

This is Skye’s 3rd year participating in the campaign, and club president Micky Kane takes major pride in the work that is done around the club.

“We love the message, we try our best to promote road safety as much as we can… we all know someone who has experienced some sort of road trauma and if we play our part in any way we can we will try to reduce accidents on the road.”

Skye Football Netball Club will also this weekend be handing out free Soft drinks as well as non-alcoholic beer behind the bar in a way to feel like they are not being ‘left out’ but also being safe on the roads, by not drinking and driving.

Skye has also been extremely proactive on their social media with trying to do as much as possible to get people's eyes on the importance of road safety.


Kane is very passionate about the club doing the best they can do and “wants to lead the way” with the promotional tiles. He also said “if we can get members to get home safe thats the most important part we are one big family and we want to kep each other safe.”

“There has been many people involved with the club that has helped out anyway they can and the response we get from the players every is amazing! Its so good to see so many people on the same page with the same goal.”

Black Rock is another Club that has been very proactive on social media promoting the key messages, with one glance at their social media channels it is very easy to see they have marked of all criteria points.

Club President Andrew Ferguson has also gone above and beyond by inviting 2 police officers down to the club who spoke to all the players about the importance of road safety. The same police officers will be at Todays game to promote the important messages.

One of Black Rocks Players, Seamus Mcilroy, will also be wearing the number 0 during their clash with Keysborough, as a nod to TAC’s “Towards Zero” goal.

“We are doing a lot behind the scenes, we are organizing with some external local companies for possible prizes to promote road safety. For example a local driving school will be donating 3 free driving lessons to the club, which we will be promoting to our players looking to get their driver's license very soon.”

Ferguson was also amazed how many people involved with the club wanted to get involved and are driving the campaign.


“Jack who does all our photography and socials has been amazing with it, and all of our committee members have been nothing short of outstanding with all their ideas.”

Division 4 side Hampton Hammers have been another outstanding club with their promotion of the round with every social media post for the past few months.

The Hammers have also created their own social media content with recently creating a video clearly sharing the message of not going on your phone while driving.

Graeme Hyman is another club president that is very proud of the clubs efforts over the past few months. 

“It’s really amazing to see where we are today compared to the past few years where we have had our struggles, but to overcome them and be where we are that's just testimony to every single person involved with the club.’’

TAC delivered a care package to the league to distribute to all clubs, the care package included armbands for players and members to where around the club that promote the “phone down. Buckle Up Message, and TAC Bar mats as well as further signage to go around the club on game day.


Be sure to get down to your local club today to raise awareness and help promote the message of road safety.

The Southern FNL congratulates and recognises those who are promoting the TAC’s message in any possible way they can because of the importance of the message. We all look forward to seeing all the armbands and signage out on game day this weekend!

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