Southern FNL - 2023 New Rule Changes

The league has made some slight rule modifications for season 2023 as follows;

Teams are no longer required to nominate a competing ruckman from either side during a ball up; however, should a third player contest the ruck a free kick will be awarded against that team.

The last disposal rule will be applied to all Division 3 and 4 Reserves, Women’s, Under 19’s and Thirds matches.

If a player is issued a combined total of three yellow or red order off cards in a season, they will automatically receive a one match suspension, this will be on top of any tribunal sanction.

Half-time breaks for the Reserves, Women’s, Under 19’s and Thirds have been reduced from 15 mins to 12 mins. Quarter breaks will remain at 5 mins.

The application of “Time On” has been updated to ensure it is clear for Timekeepers and that scheduled matches flow throughout the day.

The Grading policy has been updated to ensure the most competitive teams are placed in the highest grade.

A maximum of 24 players are permitted to play in the Thirds competition.

Thirds Finals qualifications will be treated independently from any other Grade to protect the integrity of this competition and will no longer apply to Open Selection for Seniors and Reserves.

Women’s footballers can now wear coloured “home” shorts for Away matches providing the whole team is in the same uniform.

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