SFNL Women's Football Round 7 Preview

By Jarryd McGuane


Lyndhurst vs Bentleigh (Marriott Waters Reserve)

This week’s game of the round sees Bentleigh, fresh off their first win of the season, facing a fellow one-win side Lyndhurst at Marriott Waters Reserve.

Lyndhurst were dealt a tough game at the hands of Endeavour Hills in the previous round, but found some new contributors and could carry some weight against a similar standard team.

Bentleigh sparked against Edithvale Aspendale for their first win of the year. If they can again get on the scoreboard early and hold up defensively, win number two is coming the Demons’ way.

I expect an extremely tight matchup, with the confidence of a week prior playing in the Demons hands.

Bentleigh by nine points.


Murrumbeena vs Highett (Murrumbeena Park)

Highett have their second straight tough matchup in as many weeks, facing second-placed Murrumbeena at Murrumbeena Park Saturday morning.

Murrumbeena continued their high scoring ways and defeated Hallam by triple figures. It was take a massive effort for any side to rein in Beena’s attacking threats.

Highett were bought back to ground after solid form with a seven-goal defeat at the hands of the table topping Bloods. They need to maintain their high energy game plan to take down the undefeated Murrumbeena.

Murrumbeena by 27 points.


Edithvale Aspendale vs Hallam (Glen St Reserve)

In the final Saturday game, one win Edithvale Aspendale host winless Hallam at Glen St Reserve.

Edi-Asp were in the game up to the necks with Bentleigh before falling short. They need to take their chances up forward to add a second win for their season.

Hallam were put to the sword by Murrumbeena in Round 6. They do have a strength in their midfield and like Edi-Asp will need to take advantage of their forward entrances.

Edithvale Aspendale by 15 points.


Endeavour Hills vs Oakleigh District (Barry Simon Reserve)

The first of two Sunday games has two sides that are tied on 4-2 in Endeavour Hills and Oakleigh District take on each other at Barry Simon Reserve.

Endeavour Hills had their most complete performance of the year defeating Lyndhurst. They are starting to develop a side where they have multiple consistent players.

Oakleigh District faced heartbreak at the hands of East Brighton with the last kick of the game. They would hope to fill out a full team sheet as they have the stars to beat any side when not short-handed.

Endeavour Hills by two points.


Mordialloc vs East Brighton (Ben Kavanagh Reserve)

In the final game of the round, Ben Kavanagh Reserve plays host to the top of the table Mordialloc and finals contender East Brighton on Sunday.

Mordialloc continue to look like the only side that have the fire power to take down Beena.

The Vampires returned to the winners’ list with a last-second victory over Oakleigh District. The only chance East Brighton has is that they hold Nat Cardamone and Aleisha Thorne to low goal outputs, which no one has done to this stage.

Mordialloc by 65 points.

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