SFNL Statement: 2/6/2021

As you would have heard by now that current lockdown has been extended for another week.

Therefore, there will once again be no Football or Netball matches this coming weekend.

We, at this stage, plan to resume on the weekend of 19th June, the weekend after the Queens Birthday weekend which was already slated for a bye in our fixtures.

The 2 rounds that have been missed WILL NOT be rescheduled as per our playing regulation 16.3.3 (Below)



16.3 If a match is unable to commence or proceed, the League will have sole discretion to decide the result of the match or whether the game will be rescheduled or not based on the following guiding principles:

16.3.1 The appropriateness and practically of rescheduling a match during the Home and Away Season or Finals Series;

16.3.2 If any one match is cancelled or abandoned in a particular Grade, and cannot be rescheduled, the match will be declared a draw and two (2) premiership points will be awarded to both teams. During the Final Series, if the match cannot be rescheduled the highest qualified team for that final will progress to the next round of finals;

16.3.3 If two (2) or more matches are cancelled or abandoned in the same Grade or Division for the same reason, the round will be declared void and no premiership points, percentages or best and fairest votes will be awarded or applied for that round

We will resume, all things going well, with the games in both Football and Netball that are fixtured on the weekend of the 19th June, and complete the fixture as set out at the start of the season.


Finally, stay safe, this is very frustrating for us all and we hopefully will be back playing Football & Netball soon

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