SFNL Showcases League Partners

The SFNL's valued partners last night showcased their wares to more than 110 SFNL club and Umpires Association representatives in another successful SFNL Tradeshow at Sandown Greyhound Racing Club.

SFNL major partners Blackchrome Sportswear, Leader Newspapers and Beiersdorf/Elastoplast were among the 15 partners to set up exhibition stalls and offer special deals to Member Clubs on the night, while several other league partners provided prizes, gifts and special deals. Major partner Sandown Greyhound Racing Club again did a wonderful job as host of the event.

In addition, the annual event served as an opportunity to formally welcome new League partners in Sports C.A.T.C.H. and Options Consulting Group to the fold.

Acting SFNL CEO, David Jennings, praised the collaboration of both SFNL partners and Member Clubs, with their combined efforts ensuring the ongoing success of the important event.

"The Tradeshow has been an initiative of the League since 2008 and provides an excellent opportunity for our Member Clubs to engage directly with our valued partners. It was very encouraging to see our partners and Member Clubs collaborate for what we hope lends itself to mutually beneficial partnerships through 2018 and beyond," Jennings said.

"The Tradeshow is an important asset to the League and our Member Clubs and feeds directly to a key pillar of our strategic framework, which is aimed at facilitating and sustaining the development and growth of our community through partnerships.

"The feedback we received on the night from our partners and club administrators was incredibly complimentary. I would like to thank our partners for their ongoing and invaluable support, as well as our Member Clubs for actively engaging in this event and contributing to its overall success."

Tori Brookes, Director of new SFNL partner Sports C.A.T.C.H., said she enjoyed the night and the opportunity to network and exhibit their services to SFNL clubs.

"Our first SFNL Tradeshow was a great opportunity to showcase our services to member clubs. We look forward to working with the clubs we spoke with last night and welcome more enquiries about how Sports C.A.T.C.H. can assist with those jobs that committees and volunteers don’t have time for," she said.

Five clubs also took home prize packs donated by League partners, with Moorabbin taking home the major prize.

See the full list of prize pack winners below.

1st Prize: Moorabbin

2nd Prize: Highett

3rd Prize: Endeavour Hills

4th Prize: Lyndale

5th Prize: Heatherton




Thank you to the following SFNL partners who attended the night and/or provided prizes or special offers for SFNL Member Clubs:


Beiersdorf / Elastoplast

Blackchrome Sportswear

Leader Newspapers

Sandown Park Greyhound Racing Club



Atura Dandenong

Club Warehouse

Grant Professionals

Ivan’s Pies


Sports C.A.T.C.H.


Woodlands Golf Club



The SFNL also thanks its Community Partners for their attendance last night:


SALT - Sport and Life Training

Victorian Repsonsible Gambling







League Partners