The final weekend of SFNL football decided the Division 1, Division 2, Under 19 and Thirds-Blue premiers for 2015.


Division 1 Senior Grand Final

Dingley Senior Premiers

Dingley 13.7 (85) defeated Mordialloc 4.9 (33)

Meneilly Medallist: Jackson Peet (Dingley)


Click HERE to listen to the radio team's commentary from the Division 1 Senior Grand Final.


Division 1 Reserve Grand Final

Dingley Reserve Premiers

Dingley 19.11 (125) defeated Cheltenham 4.3 (27)

Malcolm Medallist: Tim Wigney (Dingley)


Division 2 Senior Grand Final

Oakleigh District Premiers

Oakleigh District 16.10 (106) defeated Murrumbeena 6.8 (44)

Meneilly Medallist: Andrew Howison (Oakleigh District)


Click HERE to listen to the radio team's commentary from the Division 2 Senior Grand Final.


Division 2 Reserve Grand Final

Skye Premiers

Skye 12.10 (82) defeated Oakleigh District 7.19 (61)

Yeomans Medallist: Chris Smith (Skye)



Under 19 Grand Final

St Kilda City Premiers

St Kilda City 7.17 (59) defeated Hampton 6.11 (47)

Barnes Medallist: Oliver Gablich (St Kilda City)



Thirds-Blue Grand Final

Dingley Premiers

Dingley 10.10 (70) defeated Cerberus 6.6 (42)

Lloyd-Griffiths Medallist: Darren Andrews (Dingley)


To view the detailed results for these Grand Finals, including goal kickers and best players, please click on the division below.

Division 1 Senior

Division 1 Reserve

Division 2 Senior

Division 2 Reserve

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