SFNL Clubs outstanding efforts spreading the TAC message

For the past 3 years the TAC have set out a mission to local sporting clubs to promote the current campaign. The TAC provides a criteria to leagues in which they will distribute to the clubs. The Criteria states a number of things that has be done by the club to promote the current campaign and the more things ticked off the criteria the more money each club will get from the TAC as they reward participating clubs.

Springvale Districts and Cheltenham’s Netballers put in outstanding effort over the past few weeks.

Springvale Districts is a club that is constantly active on social media promoting community business and community discounts, with a very clear message of trying to promote the community.

Throughout the past few weeks they have also been sharing a lot of content relating to the TAC, such as tiles, surveys and Videos, with the teams also wearing the Armband over the past two weeks during the TAC Round, to raise awareness of the message of road safety.

With Springvale Districts looking to make a lot of noise in the finals, they have ticked all boxes provided by the League and the TAC ensuring a significant reward as well as the success of spreading a fantastic message.

Cheltenham's A1 and A2 netballers also wore the armband during Round 14 to show their dedication to the message. With a number of social media posts featuring the “Phone Down. Buckle up” message.

Especially with Cheltenham's astonishing results across all divisions this year there has been an immense amount of support and togetherness with spreading the message.

The Southern FNL is proud of once again for an amazing effort by clubs ticking all the boxes off in the criteria, provided by the TAC. Another year with our clubs setting the standard!

The Southern FNL also congratulates and recognises all those who are and have been promoting the TAC’s message in any possible way they can because of the importance of the message

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