Sense of Pride hits SFNL

The Southern Football Netball League will this weekend be conducting their annual Pride Round to promote the inclusivity of the LGBTQ community.

The Southern Football Netball League's Pride Round is taking place at Rowan Road Reserve as Cheltenham FNC and Mordialloc FNC will be proudly representing pride round this year, with their A2 netball side competing for the Pride Cup at 1:35pm. We also have their A4 teamse joining in at 12:10pm for another pride round game which is a great step for the competition!

The two teams will be wearing Pride Bibs to mark the occasion.

Both the Cheltenham and Mordialloc clubs are thrilled to celebrate Pride Round and can't wait to see everyone at the courts this Saturday.

Netball Operations Manager Erin Naismith says it's a big day on the calendar for the SFNL and it's dedication to inclusivity.

"Running pride round is fundamental to the SFNL's dedication to inclusivity and belonging. We take pride in hosting this every year, aiming to ensure everyone feels welcome and celebrated within our league. It's great to see other clubs embracing and host their own pride games, this further amplifies our commitment to diversity. We look forward to welcoming everyone to the courts on Saturday, united in supporting this meaningful occasion,"

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