Semi Finals: Women's Football Review

Written By Mikayla Royal

Lyndale Vs Clayton, Semi-Final


It was a pleasantly surprising sunny Melbourne's Day at Clayton on Sunday the 7th August – the footy gods knew finals footy was in the air. A great game of footy saw Clayton victorious over Lyndale, progressing into the next week of finals.


Lyndale had a fast start, which saw a quick entry into their forward 50 and a shot on goal from Kirsty Davey. After some confusion, it was awarded a behind. Clayton responded fast, with Sarah Collins tackling hard and receiving a free kick, she cleared it from their defensive half, but it was cut off in the midfield.


After back and forth in the middle with both teams going hard at the ball, Lauren Linton put it close to goal for Clayton but the Pumas’ defence held strong.


After a strong mark, Evangelia Nikolitsis kicked their first goal. Lyndale responded fast but the Clayton defence held on to prevent an immediate score. After several ball ups, Lyndale got the ball close enough to their goals resulting in Alesha Thorne kicking the ball off the ground through the big sticks for Lyndale’s first major.


Moments later, after an excellence clearance from the middle, Thorne took a strong mark and lined up for goal again. The siren sounded, and she kicked it through for her 2nd goal in as many minutes. Scores at quarter time were Lyndale 2.1-13 to Clayton 1.0-6.


The second quarter consisted of a lot of back and forth, both teams’ midfielders and defenders went hard at the ball, causing difficulty for their opponents. Hard tackles, and great spoils prevented both teams from scoring majors until halfway into the quarter.


Stephanie Sandoval laid a solid tackle in the Clayton forward 50, being rewarded a free. She put it through for a goal to even the score line! Moments later, Sandoval got her fist high in the air and spoiled what would have been a mark for Lyndale. Nikolitsis took a strong mark in the defensive 50 and transitioned to Amie Jackson who took a strong mark and booted into the forward 50 right on the siren. Megan Pigott for Clayton applied consistent pressure the entire quarter, as Clayton kept Lyndale scoreless. Scores were even at halftime, Lyndale 2.1-13 to Clayton 2.1-13.


Lyndale started fast, with a clean clearance and a kick inside 50, marked by Thorne. She kicked it true and the Pumas scored their first major since the first quarter! The ball made its way into Lyndale’s forward 50 again, with Davey strong for Lyndale with consecutive solid bumps.


Nikolitsis scored Clayton’s first goal for the quarter, squeezing the ball in through congestion to immediately respond to Lyndale’s goal. The centre clearance saw Clayton send it back into their forward arc, with Sandoval taking possession of the ball over the pack and getting a clear run into an open goal square to goal. Lyndale responded fast and was rewarded a downfield free kick with Hayley Cooper kicking for goal and comfortably making the distance. Clayton increased their pressure, and Sandoval was able to take a strong contested mark to kick for goal, putting Clayton two goals up.


In what was a spectacle to watch, Nikolitsis for Clayton took possession of the ball and barrelled through three Lyndale defenders, knocking one to the ground, before catapulting the ball into their forward line. The kick was intercepted by Lyndale’s Natashia Macdonald seconds before the siren. The scores at 3 quarter time were Lyndale 4.1-25, to Clayton 5.1-31.


Lyndale came out hard in the last quarter, determined to fight their way back. Michelle Thomas laid a strong tackle, and was rewarded with a free, and kicked it into the forward 50. Clayton didn’t drop their defensive effort, and Brinda Manogaran smothered a kick off the boot. Lyndale’s Cassie Thickens stood strong for her team, taking strong pack marks.


Clayton ramped up their intensity, Pigott was strong in defence, tackling and being awarded a free. Teagan Bell and Rebecca Collins teamed up to get the ball out of Clayton’s backline, with Nikolitsis and Sandoval linking together to send the ball into their forward line. Their effort was rewarded when Nikolitsis had a snap on goal, slotting it through. Nikolitsis wasn’t done yet though, after another centre bounce and a forward entry, she scooped the ball up and kicked the sealer!


Clayton knocked Lyndale out of the finals with a 16-point win, advancing to the Preliminary Final, to be played against Casey Thunder 2s. Alesha Thorne for Lyndale and Evangelia Nikolitsis were standouts amongst a great defensive game from both teams.



Final Scores

Lyndale 4.3-27

Clayton 7.1-43



Black Rock Vs Casey Thunder 2, Semi-Final


The sun stuck around for the second clash at Clayton. Which saw Black Rock defeat Casey Thunder 2, earning a place in the Grand Final in two weeks’ time.


Immediately, the pace was fast and intense. A clean clearance from the top of the arc resulted in Rachel Redinger for Casey scoring a goal from a dribble kick. Casey’s Emily Browning kept up the pressure with a slamming, solid tackle that forced a ball up. Black Rock responded in kind when Sarah Tebbutt executed an excellent tackle in defence.


Lily Baker for Black Rock took an uncontested possession and kicked it through for a goal. Browning immediately got the goal back, with a booming kick from outside 50 that didn’t once waver, and slammed home for a goal for Thunder! The Jetts fought back and Christie-Lee Chadwick slotted a goal from the forward pocket. Emily Terlicher kicked the last goal of the quarter, giving her team an 8-point lead at quarter time. Scores: Black Rock 3.2-20, to Casey 2.0-12.


Black Rock kept their pressure up early with multiple smothers. Houda Sidani for Black Rock took a strong mark before sending the ball inside their forward line, with Redinger capitalising and snap kicked for a goal.


Zara Strang and Alexandra Assini teamed up for a smooth transition to send the ball inside Casey’s 50, but the Black Rock defence was strong. Terlicher and Skye Nisbet completed an efficient passage of play, with Terlicher evading several players in the midfield to kick the ball forward where Nisbet scored a goal. Georgia Howes followed with a goal from a set shot.


The end of the quarter saw a great tackle from Rebecca Fisher, earning a free kick and giving Casey a shot on goal. It fell shot, leaving Casey goalless for the quarter, giving a 27-point half time lead to Black Rock. Black Rock 6.4-40 to Casey 2.1-13.


The second half started with Black Rock showing determination to extend their lead. Victoria Wilson shepherded her teammate, allowing her to get a clear kick away. Chadwick took on three opponents to get a clearance into their forward line. Howes took a strong mark to kick it to Baker, who took an uncontested mark and had a shot on goal and converting it for a major from the forward pocket.


Sarah Stevens for Casey completed a smother off the boot, that prevented an assured goal. Not long after, Nisbet was awarded a free kick, resulting in a goal scored. Thunder kicked their first goal since the first quarter when it was kicked to the top of their goal square and was kicked through the big sticks.


Casey upped their defence, with a crunching tackle from Rebecca Fisher that was rewarded with a free kick. Sophie Traplin for Black Rock kicked the final goal of the quarter after a ball up. Going into the last break, the scores were 9.4-58 for Black Rock, to 3.1-19 for Casey.


Black Rock once again started strong, with Ashlinn Reilly kicking it through for goal whilst being tackled. Samantha Scheffer for the Jetts stood strong in the midfield, taking a contested mark. Black Rock’s Howes was a pillar throughout the entire game, taking strong marks across the ground that set her team up for the majority of their goals. Megan Lewis and Scheffer combined for a goal, with Lewis swerving through opponents to get a kick to Scheffer, who marked and went back to kick a goal.


Casey fought back hard, with Browning constantly applying intense tackles and bumps, keeping increased pressure on the Black Rock defenders. Dannielle Shedden took a strong contested mark, and Belinda Bowey followed with a great spoil, stopping Black Rock from taking a mark and getting a clear run to their forward half. Tracey Mcminimee for Casey stood her ground and took an incredible one-handed contested mark on the wing.


When the final siren sounded, Black Rock defeated Casey by 55 points, moving into the Grand Final! The standouts for each team were Georgia Howes for Black Rock, and Emily Browning for Casey.


Final Scores

Black Rock 11.9-75

Casey 3.2-20

Murrumbeena Vs Bentleigh, Semi Final


In the 3rd clash of the day at Clayton. Murrumbeena were too strong for Bentleigh, eliminating them from the finals and moving on the to the Preliminary final.


Bentleigh applied pressure early, with Rose Spaulding laying a great tackle to get a free and sending the ball into the Demon’s forward 50. Murrumbeena’s defence was solid, and a great shepherd by Katherine Rosendorff gave her teammate enough time and space to kick the ball into the Lion’s forward line.


The game ramped up in intensity, with Bentleigh’s Charli Murphy taking on two opponents to get the ball to Eilish Cooley, who kicked it clear. A forward entry was prevented when the ball was smothered by Murrumbeena. Cooley regained possession to send the ball into the Demon’s forward 50 and went again to lay an excellent tackle resulting in a free kick and shot at goal that just fell short. Both Tara Supple and Murphy took strong contested marks for Bentleigh. Seconds before the quarter time siren sounded, Ally Williams took possession of the ball from behind play and kicked it through for the first goal of the match, giving the Lions an 8-point lead going into the first break. Scores: Murrumbeena 1.3-9 to Bentleigh 0.1-1.


Murrumbeena came out firing in the second quarter, with a strong mark in the pocket before delivering the ball to Ellen Block, who marked and put it through for a goal. Bentleigh kept with their defensive pressure, with Tegan Hamilton integral in defence.


Tess Williams smothered the ball off the boot, and Janelle Chin followed by laying a strong tackle and getting the free before sending the ball into Murrumbeena’s forward line. Murphy was awarded a free kick for a strong tackle, and launched it towards Emily Roberts, who took a strong mark and had a shot on goal. Moments later, Murphy was awarded again for another tackle.


To end the quarter, Tess Williams for Murrumbeena broke free from a pack to kick a goal. Annabelle Kidd for Bentleigh had a solid quarter, taking several intercept marks and preventing goals. Murrumbeena was able to keep Bentleigh goalless for another quarter. The half time scores were 3.3-21 for Murrumbeena to 0.2-2 for Bentleigh.


Murrumbeena upped their intensity to start the second half, with Grace Bibby breaking through the pack to score a fast goal. Ally Williams scored an impressive goal for the Lions, kicking it from the pocket at a sharp angle whilst under immediate pressure. Michelle Kinsella scored two back-to-back goals for the Lions both coming from an open goal square.


The Demon’s first goal came when Murphy launched the ball long towards goal, and it tumbled through, shepherded by Roberts. Murrumbeena responded with a snap kick goal from Victoria De Groot. Excellent defence work from the Lions sent the ball into their forward 50 but was intercepted by a contested mark from Christalee Davies.


After a shot on goal from Murrumbeena’s De Groot, which was touched on the line, the quarter ended with a 46-point lead to Murrumbeena. Going into the final break, Murrumbeena led Bentleigh 8.6-54 to 1.2-8.


Bentleigh lifted their intensity in the final term, with Taryn McGaw receiving a free kick to take a shot at goal. She kicked it high and lock, and it went through for a major. McGaw went again in the midfield, with a solid mark followed by a booming kick into the Bentleigh forward line. Roberts laid a tackle and lined up for goal before kicking it through.


Murrumbeena matched Bentleigh’s intensity, with De Groot taking a strong mark in their forward 50, followed by a great run-down tackle by Hannah White. White soon broke through the pack to send the ball into the Murrumbeena forward line. Bentleigh were able to keep Murrumbeena goalless in the last term, but ultimately Murrumbeena were victorious by 34 points, kicking them out of the finals and progressing onto the Preliminary Final to be played against Endeavour Hills. The standouts for the game were Michelle Kinsella for Murrumbeena, and Charli Murphy for Bentleigh.


Final Scores

Murrumbeena 8.7-55

Bentleigh 3.3-21







Casey Thunder 1 Vs Endeavour Hills


The perfect footy conditions held up for the start of the fourth match of Sunday footy at Meade Reserve. Casey won in a thrilling 1-point difference game.


A strong contested mark from Pam Rogers, and a long kick into Casey’s forward 50 set Emile Kimberlee up for a shot on goal early, but it fell short. A thumping tackle from Jessica Bourke gave Endeavour Hills a free kick to clear the ball out of their backline. It rebounded, but Nicola Weston was ready and avoided pressure from opponents to kick it into the middle. Alyssa Weston was Endeavour’s first shot on goal, and she slotted it home for the first goal of the match.


A smart tap by Rogers to her teammate allowed Thunder to drive the ball into their forward line. They scored their first goal when Natalie Vandort was awarded a free kick in the forward pocket and had a shot on goal. Laura Jonston had many excellent clearances in the midfield for the quarter, and Weston took strong intercept marks in defence. Jasmin Hansen Casey took strong marks to repeatedly send the ball into their forward 50. The Falcons led by 1 point heading into quarter time, the scores sitting at Casey Thunder 1.0-6 to Endeavour Hills 1.1-7.


Both teams went hard for the ball from the start of the quarter, laying crunching tackles and bumps to go back and forth through the middle. Casey’s defence held strong, however, and Endeavour were unable to capitalise on their forward entries.


After back and forth across the ground, Casey was eventually able to break through the Endeavour defence, with Rogers kicking their first goal for the quarter. Tameka Youn was excellent in the midfield, preventing the Falcons from advancing into their forward line and creating rebounds into the Casey forward 50. A 50 metre free was awarded to Hansen, placing her right in front of goal, and she struck true.


Heading into the main break, Thunder had a 12-point lead, with the scores at 3.1-19 for Casey Thunder and 2.2-14 for Endeavour Hills.


Excellent pressure and persistence from both sides saw the majority of the quarter played in the midfield, with neither defence wavering in their strength. Youn appeared to be everywhere and hunted the ball with a fierce determination. Alicia Heins had a brilliant fast-paced change to pick up the ball and run it along the boundary before kicking it into their forward 50.


It was Alesha White for the Falcons, however, that was able to kick the only goal for the quarter. Grabbing the ball from a spoiled mark, sidestepping the Casey defender, she was able to slot it through to bring the margin to under a goal. A sliding mark from Vandort followed by a kick, saw Rogers mark close to goal and line up, only to have the ball curve to the left.


Three quarter time saw the scores at 3.2-20 for Casey Thunder and 2.2-14 for Endeavour Hills.


The intensity of the third quarter was again seen in the last, with pressure being applied by both teams. Alyssa Weston for the Falcons laid an excellent tackle on Eden Tone, and was awarded a free kick, this turned into a 50-metre free when an infringement occurred. This allowed Alyssa Weston to run up to their forward 50, but her kick was smothered off the boot by Tamara Tomamichel, preventing a forward entry.


Later, Tone performed her own run-down tackle, taking down Ashlee Ladson and being rewarded a free to send the ball into Thunder’s forward line. Despite repeated entries, however, Endeavor’s backline held on and didn’t allow Casey to score any major this quarter.


In the last part of the quarter, the ball was kicked into the Endeavour forward line, where after a scramble, Ruby Bastian took possession but was tackled by White. White kicked the ball deep into the forward line, where it was marked by Harmony Thomas, who went back and kicked the only goal for the final quarter, putting Endeavor only a single point down.


Despite being kept goalless in the last quarter, Casey Thunder prevailed in a thrilling 1 point win to go straight into the Grand Final! Endeavour Hills will get a second chance in a Preliminary Final against Murrumbeena. Tameka Youn for Casey and Nicola Weston for Endeavour were the stand outs in a well fought game.


Final Scores

Casey Thunder 3.3-21

Endeavour Hills 3.2-20

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