Semi Finals: Netball Review

By Chelsea Ryan

A gorgeous day out at Rowan Reserve saw many teams battle it out in their last match of the season or step up in the opportunity to secure a spot straight in the SFNL netball grand finals.  There was an abundance of super close games across all grades with large crowds of supporters turning out to bring the court side cheers to the next level.


A1 Division


2nd Semi Final

Dingley (1) 49 defeated Cheltenham (1) 36

It was time for Cheltenham to give Dingley another crack and this time when it mattered most.  Both teams had a great start as they were equal on 8 goals each at quarter-time.  Dingley’s shooters, Brooke Dadds and Monique Lenehan-Moustafa, then stole the show in the second quarter producing 14 goals on the scoreboard compared to Cheltenham’s 7.  Though after a half time encouragement, Cheltenham then had a great third quarter, stepping up to try and level it up but it wasn’t enough to keep the momentum going.  Dingley came back in the fourth, taking control to beat them by a convincing 13 goals.

It wasn’t without a fight though and there is more to learn after each game they play against each other.  This could be a grand final rematch which Cheltenham will need to bounce back from to have a healthy competition come two weeks time.


1st Semi Final

Caulfield Bears (1) 44 defeated Mordialloc (1) 40

A side line full of so many supporters cheering, Sophie O’Shea, coach-player, from Caulfield said they just had to block it out so they could focus on the talk on court.  A fiery game going back and forth on the court will be brilliant plays and intercepts.  The score was even at halftime before Caulfield won it in the third, scoring 14 goals to 7.  Mordialloc picked it up winning the fourth quarter but it wasn’t enough, going down by 6 goals.

Emily Morris from Mordialloc said that the girls came together as a team in the last few rounds of the season and was beyond proud for the girls making the finals, that they were walking away with sorrows but with their heads held high from a good season together.


Preliminary Final this weekend

Cheltenham (1) vs Caulfield Bears (1)



A2 Division


2nd Semi Final

Port Melbourne Colts (1) 37 defeated Dingley (2) 25

One of Port Melbourne’s two losses of the season was by two goals to Dingley in round 12.  This would have been motivation for the Colts and also confidence towards Dingley coming into this game.  With nothing to lose and everything to gain, that all mighty guaranteed grand final spot both teams put up a high quality game.

It was a close start with Dingley only trailing by 1 goal at quarter time but Port Melbourne settled into the match, they found a rhythm in attack and had fantastic defence by Amelia Lai and Katarina Lindkvist. They finished off strong winning by 12 goals with their coach saying he was really proud that they were straight into the grand final.

Dingley will have key takeaways from this game if this is to be the grand final rematch.  They know they can do it, they’ve done it before. It’s just a matter of one game at a time now.


1st Semi Final

St Paul’s McKinnon (1) 49 defeated St Kilda City (1) 31

St Kilda City were pumped to be making finals and brought it in the first quarter, leading by 2 goals.  St Paul’s McKinnon stepped it up in the second quarter and didn’t stop from there. Their shooting was on fire with their stand out player GS, Renee Derimbohlou. St Kilda City were consistent with their own game but it just wasn’t enough to get them to next week with St Pauls McKinnon’s efforts  taking it to the next level.  They will be keen to keep this winning game momentum rolling into their match next week against Dingley.


Preliminary Final this weekend

Dingley (2) vs St Paul’s McKinnon (1)



A3 Division


2nd Semi Final

Springvale Districts (1) 46 defeated East Brighton Vampires (1) 31

Dominating the season with only one loss of the season way back in round 4, Springvale Districts were hungry and ready to claim their grand final position against the East Brighton Vampires.  They came into this match with confidence only coming up against East Brighton in round 14 last week where they won by 22 goals.

East Brighton did improve on this, only going down by 15 goals, and should be applauded for their efforts.  Springvale Districts were in front from the start and played a good four consistent quarters to secure the win.  With the grand final only a couple of weeks away I believe the team can  already taste victory.  The season's results are behind them but it will still be who is best come the day!


1st Semi Final

Dingley (3) 36 defeated Keysborough (1) 33

It was always going to be a great game with both teams finishing off the season with 8 wins and 6 losses.  Both teams came out raring and ready to go with an even score of only 5 goals a piece at quarter time. Dingley changed their goalers up bringing Charlotte Fox on who was a great support to GS Chelsea Livingstone who had a cracker of a second quarter lifting the team up in front.  Keysborough stepped up in the final quarter but it wasn’t enough to undo Dingley’s damage to the scoreboard, they went down by only 3 goals.

Dingley have a tough game up next against East Brighton Vampires who they went down to only by 3 goals back in round 11. Should be a goodie!


Preliminary Final this weekend

East Brighton Vampires (1) vs Dingley (3)





A4 Division


2nd Semi Final

Mordialloc (2) 41 defeated Parkdale Vultures (1) 24

Parkdale Vultures had a shocking first half, only putting 6 goals on the board compared to Mordialloc’s 23 goals.  With a couple of mid court changes they then switched on to score 18 goals in the second half, evening Mordialloc’s 18 goals.  The efforts were there but the damage was done with Mordialloc winning by 17 goals. There will be a lot of takeaways for Parkdale for next week’s match and some further key points to address if this will be the grand final rematch.


1st Semi Final

South Yarra (2) 27 defeated Doveton Doves (1) 23

South Yarra and Doveton Doves only just met last week in the final round of the season with South Yarra only winning by 2 goals.  They continued this winning streak with another win in the semi by 4 goals but not without a scare in the last quarter with the rise of Doveton.  If only there were a few more minutes on the clock for the Doves, the outcome could have been very different.  South Yarra were clever with their rotation of players in the mid court for new energy and played well to deserve the win.  They will be pumped with this close win and will take the positive mindset into the preliminary final.


Preliminary Final this weekend

Parkdale Vultures (1) vs South Yarra (2) 

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