Semi Finals | Netball Preview

A season to remember as we head into our first finals series since 2019, let’s have a look at who is taking to the court in the semi-finals this Saturday at the Rowans Road Reserve netball courts.

It’s been tightly contested across all twelve divisions with only South Yarra’s team four making it to the finals undefeated.



Dingey established their dominance early in the season with several big wins, Monique Lenehan-Moustafa and Isabelle Hodgson have scored consistently giving the Dingoes the extended lead across the season.

Cheltenham were also undefeated at the beginning of the season; Rosellas will look to stick to their guns and control the game with Med Siedle in the midcourt.

Previously Cheltenham have put up a good fight but didn’t have the energy to match the dominating Dingley side.

Mordialloc previously defeated the Caulfield Bears 55-44 in round five, the bloods have battled for their spot on the ladder and now will need their best to come away with a win.

Caulfield Bears shooters Sophie O’Kane, Naomi Henry and Sophie O’Shea were steady across their campaign into finals, they will be sure to give Mordialloc a run for their money.


Port Melbourne Colts have stayed on top of the ladder since the early days of the 2022 season, a small margin against Dingley in round fourteen was one of their only losses of the year.

Dingley have had their fair share of close calls but have held on to the second spot on the ladder by their nails, they will be throwing everything they have at the Colts to book their spot in the Grand Final.

When the saints met the doggies in round seven St.Paul’s McKinnon recorded a narrow win over the saints 49-43, St.Kilda City later beating them by one point in round fourteen.

St Kilda stood up to take the victory over the bare seven that was St Pauls McKinnon, this time around the doggies will be prepared to win.


Springvale Districts went from strength to strength in the 2022 season while holding their spot-on top of the leader board.

Recently when the Demon’s came up against East Brighton they had a comfortable win, East Brighton suffering a 57-35 goal loss however this will not deter them from the fight this weekend.

Keysborough had a slow start to the season but have battled their way up to third on the ladder heading into finals, it will be a tight game against Dingley with no doubt the score will be going back and forth.

In round thirteen Dingley was only sitting one win behind East Brighton before the Vampire came away with the win, cementing East Brighton’s spot as second on the ladder


Mordialloc was quick to add wins to their tally after round four, the Bloods had a strong win over the second placed Parkdale Vultures in round six so they will be in familiar territory.

Parkdale vultures have had a staeady season winning the Pride Cup against Murrumbeena and relying on strong teamwork, they will be coming in hot for a challenge against Mordialloc

Last time the Yarras met Doveton the Doves were leading from the start, consistent goals from Alix Rozynski and Jamii Teaka added up nicely while South Yarra really struggled in the wind to score and to rebound for a second shot.

South Yarra have demonstrated smooth feeding into the circle consistent goal opportunities which shooters followed through on, they will need to lean on their teamwork and determination to continue their finals campaign.



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