Season update 20/08

We have made the following decisions in relation to finishing season 2021;

• We are still committed to playing a final series if we can
• All grades, all divisions, both Football & Netball will revert to a top 4 only
• We have allowed a week for training when and if we come out of lockdown
• Finals will be played over a 2 week block for all grades, 1 v 4 & 2 v 3 and the winners to play in the Grand Final
• We have also booked Friday 24th Sept (Public Holiday) and Sunday 26th Sept as a contingency as per the table below
• Should we get to this weekend only (24/26th) we will play a 1 v 2 Grand Final
• Should we not play at all, the Final ladder placings to determine the promotion and relegation of Clubs for 2022

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