Season Preview - 2024

The 2024 season is upon us as we look through all senior clubs ahead of what promises to be an exceptional season. 

Division 1


Last season Bentleigh placed seventh on the ladder, winning five matches during their 2023 campaign. Bentleigh looked to struggle with a lot of teams in the competition, however improved overall from their 2022 campaign with two extra wins to their name which is what the club would be proud of. Bentleigh struggled against teams on the top of the table, however, are heading in the right direction following their past few seasons. Positive signs to come from Bentleigh hoping to continue claiming more wins this season, and possibly sneaking up the ladder.

Chelsea Heights

Last season Chelsea Heights had three wins to their name, to place ninth on the ladder. Chelsea Heights’ introduction into Division 1 last season was a solid start to the Demons. Following winning the flag in Division 2, the Demons struggled to follow the same success they had as they were tested against the best in the competition. Despite only three wins to their name, the Demons fought hard and did not have too many huge deficits. A positive sign for the Demons following a jump in divisions for the club. The Demons would have confidence heading into this season, as well a strong offseason recruiting players.


Last season Cheltenham finished their season first place, with 17 wins throughout the season. In what was arguably the most exciting Grand Final in the history of thr Southern Football Netball League, Cheltenham and Cranbourne displayed an amazing performance for spectators as a Grand Final not to forget. The Rosellas trailed by 18 points at the end of the third term, to come behind in the fourth term to win by three points. Cheltenham were able to get their revenge on Cranbourne following their six-point heartbreak loss to them the previous season in the Grand Final. It is all possible that the Rosellas go back-to-back this season given their list depth in the offseason to help boost their chances. Some of those names include former AFL players Jacob Edwards (North Melbourne), and Jack Lonie (St Kilda). Hard to believe the Rosellas could be any more successful following their 2023 campaign.

Cranbourne Eagles

Last season Cranbourne finished the season with 13 wins to their name, placing second on the ladder. Making it all the way to the Grand Final against Cheltenham, an opportunity begging as the Eagles could not hold their lead and were run over in the final term. Cranbourne’s heartbreaking three-point loss to Cheltenham in last season’s Grand Final prevented the Eagles to go back-to-back. The Eagles looked strong in their 15 point Semi Final win over the Rosellas, however fell short in the Grand Final and could not hang on in the final term. The Eagles would be feeling hungry to snatch the title back off Cheltenham after their tragic loss. Expect to see Cranbourne come out stronger and more determined this season.


Last season Dingley finished their season with 12 wins, placing third on the ladder at the end of the season. The Dingos looked dangerous ahead of their finals series, with the double chance and finishing their season strong. The Dingos took it all the way to Cranbourne in their Qualifying Final however fell short by two points. The Semi Final was a shock seeing Port Melbourne run all over the Dingos ending a sad conclusion to their season. An opportunity potentially begging for the Dingos, showing their true capability in the Qualifying Final. Ahead of the 2024 season you would expect the Dingos to be coming out hard to not make the same error come finals. Lots to be excited for however with the signing of former AFL Saint and NFL Eagles Arryn Siposs to take part with the Dingos. Another former saint to join Dingley and show how deadly of a ball he can kick.

East Brighton             

Last season East Brighton finished their 2023 campaign claiming 17 wins, to place first on the ladder. The Vampires were by far the best team in Division 2 and showed their strengths running away with a 43-point win over Murrumbeena in the Grand Final. Last season may have seemed like a breeze to the Vampires, only losing one game throughout the whole year, however they will be put up to the test in Division 1 against the best in the competition. Usually, teams who jump divisions take a bit of time to settle in with the competition and may not make an impact straight away, so it will be intriguing to see how the Vampires go. It will be captivating to see if the Vampires have the same dominance moving up as they did in Division 2.


Last season Mordialloc finished their 2023 season with four wins, placing eight on the ladder. The Bloods have struggled the past few seasons in Division 1 to creep into the top half of the ladder. The Bloods’ last three games hurt the club significantly on the ladder, however, overall should not be viewed on that aspect when they had a lot of close encounters. The Bloods had a few matches which could have gone either way, and unfortunately did not end up in their favour. A small insight on what might change for their season to come, with new recruits to help come in and be a part of that success. The Bloods would be hoping to charge up the ladder ahead of their 2024 campaign, after a few rough years towards the bottom.

Port Melbourne Colts

Last season the Port Melbourne Colts finished their season fifth placed, with 12 wins to their name. Despite finishing fifth last season and sneaking into the finals, Port Melbourne Colts knocked out Springvale and Dingley, to going down in the Preliminary Final against Cheltenham. Port Melbourne Colts look to be menacing again this season only one win away from second last year. The addition of recent Melbourne Premiership player Michael Hibberd will help the team out and provide some leadership to the backline in what looks to be a promising season. The signing of Hibberd is only one of the many aspects for Port Melbourne Colts to have an intriguing season to spectate.

Springvale Districts

Last season Springvale Districts finished the season fourth place with twelve wins to their name. Like the rest of the top half of the competition, Springvale Districts has an amazing season winning 12 matches to finish fourth on the ladder. However, a seven-point deficit to Port Melbourne Colts in the Elimination Final saw their season come to an end. Their draw in the season to Dingley made a difference to making the top two where the second chance becomes vital. A lot for the club and fans to be excited for includes the signing of former Richmond Tiger Riley Collier-Dawkins which will be amazing to see. With a lot of recruits coming to Springvale Districts in the offseason, they look to become stronger fixating on where they can improve and have a strong campaign ahead.

St Paul’s McKinnon

Last season St Paul’s McKinnon finished the season on 10 wins placing sixth on the ladder to miss finals by one position. In what was unfortunate for them given how good their season was and their close losses making a difference overall. However, their 2022 campaign was much stronger, and St Paul’s McKinnon were unable to make finals again last season. Although being said St Paul’s McKinnon have been strong in Division 1, including as recent as winning the flag in 2018. In what was a season they should have made finals you would expect St Paul’s McKinnon to return.

Division 2

Caulfield Bears

Last season the Caulfield Bears finished their season on six wins placing eighth on the ladder. The Bears had a strong start to their season however were unable to maintain their dominance in matches. It was the clubs first time since 2019 where they did not make the top four, missing their opportunity to play finals and sadly sliding down the ladder. The teams at the upper end of the ladder looked too strong over the Bears come the second half of the season. If the Bears maintain their consistency throughout the season, then they are every chance to be playing finals again.

Doveton Doves

Last season Doveton Doves claimed 13 wins to their name finishing third on the ladder. The Doves were able to get up in their Qualifying Final win over Murrumbeena, however, could not do the same to East Brighton going down by 45 points. With East Brighton heading up a division the Doves can take advantage and worry about the team that put away the rest of the competition. The Doves picking up former Melbourne Demon Deakyn Smith will help the team out and possibly be the difference between getting a flag next season.

East Malvern

Last year East Malvern claimed six wins finishing seventh on the ladder. East Malvern got their first look at the competition last season and for most of it were very competitive against every team. With last season having a full year in the competition, the Panthers will be more confident with a better idea of the teams they encounter throughout the season. A stacked list of recruits in the offseason too helps the Panthers chances of continuing to rise ahead of season 2024.

Endeavour Hills

Last season Endeavour Hills finished first on the ladder with 16 wins to their name. It too was the year of the Falcons, as they claimed their first flag since entering the competition. The Falcons have fallen short in previous seasons but were able to prioritise with their signings in the off season making a huge impact in their team performance. The whole season in Division 3 was between Endeavour Hills and Frankston who both only had two losses each and had many close encounters when versed. Losing the Semi Final to Frankston, it looked as though history was repeating itself for the Falcons. However, the Falcons got the better of the Frankston Dolphins in the Grand Final winning by 17 points. The Falcons are eager to also make a difference in Division 2, and have continued to build during their offseason hoping to have another big season.

Hampton Park

Last season Hampton Park finished fourth on the ladder with 11 wins to their name. Versing Highett in the Elimination Final, Hampton Park went down by 43 points, a shattering way to end their season. Their strong season was unfortunate cutting short in the first final. Although Hampton Park has recruited players from Premier Division in the Outer East Football Netball League which will most definitely help give their confidence for the season ahead.


Highett finished their season with 11 wins finishing fifth placed last season. Finishing fifth on percentage Highett heading into the finals series thumping Hampton Park, however unfortunately falling short the following week. Although Highett were not able to overcome Murrumbeena in the finals series, their list depth is stacked heading into the 2024 campaign which will help plug the teams holes and improve on their areas to go beyond this season.


Last season Keysborough finished the season ninth place with three wins claimed during their campaign. In what was a very different position from their 2022 campaign where they placed third, Keysborough struggled due to players departing the club. A lot of their key depth players left the club which did not help the club’s campaign for the season. Unfortunately for Keysborough this too has happened during their offseason, despite picking up a lot of new players the club will have to work with.


Murrumbeena placed second last season claiming 15 wins to their name during their successful campaign. In what was almost a perfect run all the way to the Grand Final, Murrumbeena were just not strong enough to overcome their 43-point deficit to East Brighton. With that however being said, Murrumbeena look like the team to go back to the Grand Final and claim the flag this season. With a stacked list coming in, the determination and experience all there, there is no doubt they will back up their already successful 2023 season.


Last season Skye claimed six wins to their name finishing sixth one place off making finals. A struggling season for Skye starting the season strong to not registering many wins toward the end of season. Skye’s scoring was a struggle with East Malvern (seventh placed) and Caulfield Bears (eighth) both having far more points conceded than them. It is a key area which would need to be worked at to help their season and help boost their percentage which could depend on it.

St Kilda City

St Kilda City finished their season in Division 1 winning only one match throughout their season, finishing last on the ladder. A really struggling season for St Kilda City where a lot of their matches were unfortunately blown out, in what looked to be a long season for them. A massive decline from their 2022 campaign where they made it to the Preliminary Final, narrowly going down by two goals to Cranbourne. A move to Division 2 will help the club gain their confidence back, following a stacked list of players to help assist the club to where they once were a few seasons ago.

Division 3


Ashwood finished their 2023 campaign with nine wins just sneaking into finals placing fourth on the ladder. A promising Semi Final thumping win unfortunately cut their season short losing to Endeavour Hills. Ashwood have made the finals series every year since 2015, a proud achievement for the club in terms of consistency, however one the club would be looking at changing and prioritising their golden chances in the recent seasons. Ashwood have been solid the last few seasons and look to back themselves in again this season having a lot of players come into their side in the offseason. Ashwood should aim for top two this season, try lock in the second chance and use that past experience in finals to claim the flag.

Black Rock

Black Rock finished their 2023 campaign in Division 2 win only one win to their name placing last on the ladder. After Black Rock claiming the flag in 2022 in Division 3, they were put up for the test when they went up a division. Unfortunately, Black Rock struggled throughout the whole season and a move back into Division 3 looks ideal for the club at being competitive. Their list depth too looks strong and could maybe get the club back to the same position they were in 2022.

Carrum Patterson Lake

Carrum Paterson Lake finished third on the ladder last season, with 11 wins to their name. A strong season for Carrum Paterson Lake falls unfortunately short with Ashwood winning their Semi Final over them convincingly. The past few seasons Carum Paterson Lake have been top four bound but have just fallen short to the top teams. In terms of consistency the club just needs to take it against the top teams like they do the bottom. Carum Paterson Lake have good depth to their list, just a matter of time until they prioritise on it.

Frankston Dolphins

Frankston Dolphins finished their season second on the ladder with 16 wins to their name, and only missing first place by eight percent. Despite finishing second the Dolphins looked the best team of the season in Division 2 and proved this in the Semi Final when they beat Endeavour Hills to put themselves straight to the Grand Final. It too looked like it was heading in that direction too, until in the Grand Final the Falcons scored four goals keeping the Dolphins goalless to win by 17 points. An opportunity hugely missing for the Dolphins and should have won but were unable to hold on. With The Falcons in Division 2 this season, the Dolphins must go back to finish what they just fell short on.


Heatherton finished their 2023 campaign with eight wins, finishing sixth on the ladder. Heatherton fell short missing the finals series by six points in what looks to be a promising season ahead for the club. A few seasons chopping between Divisions 2 and 3 the club will be looking at getting back to success after a few rough years towards the bottom half of the ladder. Nothing for Heatherton to be upset about their season as they were mostly competitive against the whole competition and only narrowly missed out on finals. A lot of players coming into the side the past few seasons, a hopeful indication of the club returning to the top end.


Lyndhurst finished fifth on the ladder in 2023 with eight wins placing fifth on the ladder, narrowly missing finals. Although Lyndhurst fell short not making finals, they were at many times competitive against the rest of the competition. A very impressive season for Lyndhurst who had jumped up a division after claiming the flag in Division 4 in 2022. Not many teams can jump up a division and straight away make an impact like Lyndhurst did, so something the entire playing group should be totally amazed of is their efforts. Very promising signs for Lyndhurst having experience in finals as well a full season in Division 3 will be eye watching to see if they continue to rise in 2024.

Narre South Saints

Narre South Saints last season finished seventh on the ladder claiming three wins to their name. A continued sign of the club not going in the direction they would like to be in, given their success only a few seasons ago. The Saints struggled to maintain close matches with teams towards the top of the ladder, what is promising for them however is the number of players and talent the club has picked up in the offseason. This will hopefully give the playing group confidence as well a tighter matchup for their campaign.

South Mornington

South Mornington finished their campaign with 16 wins and one loss, placing first in Division 4. Last season the Tigers were able to claim their first flag whilst joining the Southern Football Netball League, since entering ahead of the 2021 season. The Tigers have shown from their third year in the league that they will be threatening to come up against in 2024. Having gone the entire season with only one loss to their name, and almost 300 percent on the ladder. Moving into Division 3 looks to be the right place for the Tigers to be and will look to challenge their strengths and capacity as they march on from their reigning success.

Division 4


Last season was unfortunate for Clayton as they lost all 18 matches placing last on the ladder in Division 3. Not the position the club wants to be, as well only seasons ago given their dominance in Division 3. One of the main struggles for Clayton was the number of players the side had to take during the season. There were matches during the season where they had limited amounts of players which was a massive disadvantage for the team unfortunately. A new start to give the playing group confidence again, whilst too recruiting some players in the offseason will help the club ahead of their 2024 campaign.

Dandenong West

Dandenong had a solid year placing fourth, registering 10 wins to their name to place finals. In what was a competitive competition for the top four sides, Dandenong were amongst the better teams to verse in Division 4. Their unfortunate conclusion came to Hampton by 29 points in the Semi Final. What hurt the most for Dandenong was the extra bye the club received limiting their chance at a potential top two finish for the double chance in finals. An unfortunate element which no doubt would motivate the club to continue from where they left in 2023. Only unfortunate for the club is the number of players who have left the club which could possibly jeopardise Dandenong’s team performance.

Doveton Eagles

Doveton Eagles placed sixth last season claiming three wins to their name. In what was a rough season for Doveton conceding 800 more points than any other team. The club saw many thumping’s which did not help them overcome their long season with frustration. The club however is heading in the right direction following the results from their past few seasons in the competition. On the positives they have recruited some players to help their depths in the team, and hopefully be challenging this season.


After spending one year in the Outer East Football Netball League, Hallam have rejoined the Southern Football Netball League in Division 4. Hoping to make challenge the rest of the competition, the club has a stack of players coming into the side to help make the side one not to want to come up against. Despite placing last on the ladder, only winning one match for the season the Hawks were playing in Division 1 and could be a huge threat coming into the league. Playing in the Southern Football Netball League has helped the club recruit players locally strengthening the club to finish near the top end of the ladder this season.


Last season Hampton placed third on the ladder, collecting 10 wins to their name. Making it all the way to the Grand Final showing the clubs capability of making it there from third place, they were unfortunately defeated by 20 points to South Mornington. Despite the Hammers’ six losses to their name, they were one of the strongest clubs in Division 4, their unfortunate close losses blocked the club from a double chance in finals. The Hammers however showed they are a threat as they were the only team to have defeated South Mornington throughout the whole season. The Hammers too took it all the way to South Mornington in the Grand Final, however just fell short a few goals. A drastic jump from the clubs 2022 campaign registering four wins, their 2023 season was an amazing turnaround and continues to head in that direction for the club.


Last season Lyndale finished their season with four wins to their name, placing fifth on the ladder. In what started as a rough start for Lyndale not registering themselves a win until Round 6, it was their close encounters which was the struggle for them. Four of Lyndale’s matches resulted in losses under 10 points including Dandenong, Hampton, and Moorabbin who all played in the finals series. It is a small element but one which could have landed Lyndale in last year’s top half of the ladder, and something the club would be hoping to improve coming into their 2024 campaign.

Moorabbin Kangaroos

 Last season the Moorabbin Kangaroos won 11 matches during the home and away season to finish second on the ladder. The Kangaroos were fortunate to have had the advantage over Hampton and Dandenong come into the finals series, playing an extra match due to a season affected by the bye for the competition. Despite the second chance for the Kangaroos, they departed the season in straight sets from losses to Hampton and Grand Final winners South Mornington. Upsetting for the Kangaroos after having won to Hampton in Round 16 by 49 points. With South Mornington heading up a division due to their successful campaign, the Kangaroos would be amongst the favourites to take out the title. Despite the Kangaroos sad departing, it was the first time since 2015 that the side has made it to the top four in a season. A continuing trend hopefully the Kangaroos can continue to do this season.

South Yarra

Last season South Yarra placed last on the ladder, unable to register a win in the eight matches the club played. In what was an unfortunate decision to make for the club, halfway through the season the club had to withdraw from the seniors competition due to not enough players. In what no club should have to go through the club continued Division 4 with only a Reserves side. Only a few seasons ago South Yarra won the flag in Division 4 in 2019 and was until last season playing in Division 3. An unfortunate turn of events for the club however are taking part in 2024 with a Seniors and Reserves side to take to the field. Despite where the club finishes on the ladder, and exciting and delightful event to see the South Yarra being able to play again in the competition.

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