Revolutionise team coaching and management

SFL Partner Interchanger is here to make life easier for coaches! 

Managing the interchange of players is an integral part of every level of Australian Rules football. Interchanger technology can facilitate all of your rotations and keep your list fresh for the whole match.

Interchanger is designed to also assist junior coaches with the ability to manage your player’s time on and off the ground.

Interchanger will allow your club to;

  • See data for time on/off/forward/mid/defence live and post match. Players, supporters and parents can see your data, if you want them to.

  • Record, collate, report and communicate statistics and time on ground/in specific areas that are important to YOU and YOUR club (statistics generated and communicated are determined by the coach/coaching director).

  • Manages player fatigue, player development, team strategy and parental and player complaints.

  • Enable coaches to receive timely warnings as to when players should be rotated. Player’s rotation times can be preset, and also adjusted in game.

  • Schedule rotations like AFL clubs (app is based on software used by 10 AFL clubs).

  • Enable coaches/coaching directors to check that their coaching philosophies and values are reflected in what actually happens via our website.

  • Provision of LIVE scores and statistics that will be available to whoever YOU want, anywhere in the world (e.g. Mum or dad might be interstate or at another child’s sport, but they can check the team’s progress.


For further information:

Facebook: interchangerapp
Phone: 0433 001588

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