Ray Chamberlain Mates with SFL Umps

Three talented Southern Football League Umpires have been selected to be part of the AFL Victoria Mates Umpire Mentoring and Development Program for season 2013. Sam Bridges, Elise Cooper and Alan Glenton, who are all part of the SFL Field Umpires List, will be mentored throughout the 2013 season by AFL Grand Final Umpire Ray Chamberlain.

The “Mates Program” aims to bring the most promising young Umpires together with AFL Umpires and create the environment in which a “mateship” is formed. This in turn helps the personal development of the Umpire and improves the knowledge and skill that is required for young Umpires to progress toward an AFL umpiring career. One of the objectives of the program is to build the self-esteem and confidence of the participants and encourage them to take pride in their role in umpiring Australian Football. The Umpires will also be observed in match day action by Ray and be provided with feedback.

Congratulations to Sam, Elise and Alan!

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