Lyndhurst V Moorabbin Result Overturned

After the conclusion of the Round 2 Division 4 match between Lyndhurst FC and Moorabbin FC played on April 13th 2019, Lyndhurst FC submitted a protest to the result of the game as per by-law 26.1

After investigation into the result, the league has confirmed that the final score was

1/4 time: Lyndhurst 5.1.31 Moorabbin 4.0.24
1/2 time: Lyndhurst 7.2.44 Moorabbin 5.1.31
3/4 time: Lyndhurst 8.4.52 Moorabbin 7.3.45
Final Score: Lyndhurst 10.8.68 Moorabbin 9.5.59

It was established that each club had a timekeeper present for the duration of the game and we are satisfied that both clubs had an official looking over the timing of the match and therefore determine that the timings did not have an influence on the game, however the scoreboard did, which was also controlled from the timekeepers box. Each timekeeper kept separate cards that had the same mistakes. It is also apparent that the goal umpires did not perform their duty in the correct manner.

After taking all this into consideration, it is clear that Lyndhurst won the game and we have awarded the game to Lyndhurst under protest and the scores and ladder will be changed to reflect the above result

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