Kangas and Beena Love the Game

Murrumbeena and Moorabbin are the latest clubs to reap the benefits of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation's Love the Game information session.

It was all action at the Beena Arena as both the men’s and women’s teams came in off the track and filled the social room for their Love the Game session.

Club Secretary, Kerrie Thornhill, organised the session and commented afterwards, “The session was short but to the point. It kept our players engaged and all participated in completing the feedback form."

"Hearing a real life experience (in the video) from a young adult who recovered from his addiction, it was encouraging to know the help that is out there and will get you through the hard road to recovery and you’ll come out okay.”

At Moorabbin Kangaroos earlier this month, a quick poll of who owned a smart phone, digital TV or laptop (which was everyone in the room) highlighted just how easy it is to access online gambling options these days.

David Velt, the Kangas' Senior Coach, reminded players that many people can be affected by the gambling of family, friends and others. He commented that the session was “Very informative. Our whole society needs to look more at these issues. Very well presented.”

Make sure you book your club's Love the Game session ASAP, or if your club is not yet signed up to Responsible Gambling Charter, contact the SFNL for details.

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