Jed Lamb becomes a Demon

By Matt McIndoe

Fresh out of the AFL system with Carlton, Jed Lamb has found himself signing with Bentleigh in Division 1 of the SFNL.

His signature was much sought after once the delisting became common knowledge with “a few clubs ringing”, but ultimately it was his connection with Luke that got him across the line to be a Demon in 2019.

Lamb has committed to playing six games for the club in 2019 and the Demons will be looking to take advantage of having the recent AFL experience on their list.

Lamb is looking forward to the challenge and has brought his best mate Corbin Sutherland to join him at the club.

He was close to signing for the full season but was offered another job in Bendigo which has limited the number of games that he will be available for.

The strongly built utility will split his time with 12 games playing for White Hills FNC in Bendigo when he is not suiting up for Bentleigh.

Jed also spoke about the harsh realities of the AFL system.

“Yeah, it’s pretty awesome playing at the elite level but it’s not all glitz and glamour. It’s a lot of hard work and pretty stressful so it’s good to meet a few new boys and be stress free and just get back to enjoying footy like I was as a kid,” Lamb said.

Jed has played at a few AFL clubs with stints at Sydney, GWS and finally Carlton. Make sure you head down and watch Jed strut his stuff with the Demons.

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