Holmesglen Round 9


The Southern Football League would like to welcome Holmesglen on board as a new partner for the remainder of season 2013, and to celebrate, Round 9 is Holmesglen Round.

Holmesglen is the most comprehensive provider of building courses in Victoria and since 1982, has remained a leader in training for all the trades associated with the building and construction industry.

Whether you’re interested in a trade, running your own building business or managing large construction projects, Holmesglen’s building and construction courses are at the cutting edge.

With industry teachers and the leading training facilities in the state, we’re all about giving you a real advantage, making sure you have the know how and hands on skills valued in this dynamic sector.

Pre-apprenticeship courses start at various times during the year, generally take 12-16 weeks to complete and are taught on campus within a simulated worksite environment.

Holmesglen is an industry leader in building and construction training, with strong ties to industry groups such as the Australian Institute of Building (AIB), Housing Industry Association (HIA), Master Plumbers (MPMSAA) and many others built over 30 years.

Our Chadstone campus features 25,000 square metres of dedicated workshops for building trades such as bricklaying, carpentry and plumbing, and lesser known trades such as stonemasonry, glass & glazing and roof tiling.


For more information:

P:  9564 2769

E:  building@holmesglen.edu.au

W:  www.holmesglen.edu.au/building



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