Grand Final: Women's Football Review

By Mikayla Royal

SFNL Women’s Football Division 2 Grand Final: Black Rock Vs Casey Thunder 2

The weather delivered perfect conditions for footy, very befitting for a Grand Final Day; there were clouds in the sky, some light winds but a few rays of sunshine were finding their way through. There was electricity in the air, throughout the crowd and players, as Black Rock and Casey Thunder 2 ran out on field for their biggest game of the year.


Casey dominated early with forward pressure and a ruthless attack on the ball. Dannielle Shedden kicked the first goal of the Grand Final from 30 metres out in the pocket, the ball never looking off target. Emily Browning was excellent all around the ground, in one play running past her teammate, receiving a handball, running through congestion, and launching it down towards goal. She repeatedly took solid marks inside Thunder’s forward line.


The second goal for Casey came when Alexandra Assini took possession, spun around, and kicked it through to give her team a good lead going into the quarter time break. Casey kept Black Rock scoreless in the first term, leading them 2.4-16 to 0.


Black Rock came out hard, seeking to close Thunder’s lead. The intensity increased in the second quarter, with both teams ruthless in their tackles, bumps, and contests in the air. The first goal for Black Rock came after Christie-Lee Chadwick received a free for holding, resulting in a shot on goal. The ball bounced through for a major.


The Jetts’ next goal came when Emily Terlicher marked it right in front of goal and kicked it through for their second goal of the game. The margin was back to under a goal.


Tamara Tomamichel for Casey took an unwavering contested mark in defence, prevent the ball from progressing any further, and sending it forward. Sarah Tebbutt prevented a forward entry for the Thunder when she smothered it off the boot of her opponent.


Browning had the last two shots on goal. The first she was awarded a free kick but missed. Moments later, she marked it on the rebound and lined up again as the siren went. Her kick fell short and drifted to the left.


Kiera Rimmer was excellent across the ground for the Jetts, with strong marks in the forward line and midfield. Her pressure was certainly felt by the opposition, she was always close on their heels applying the heat.


Black Rock were in control for most of the quarter, and managed to chip away at Thunder’s lead, keeping them goalless for the term. Scores at half-time were Black Rock (2.1.13) trailing Casey Thunder 2 (2.5-17).


Black Rock’s midfielders stood up to Casey’s momentum surge and managed to halt it. Lily Baker took a solid mark, kicked towards goal but it fell shot and was rushed forward for a behind. Terlicher took two consecutive marks, the second against three opponents. Samantha Scheffer gave away a free in the Jetts’ forward line, but immediately rectified it by smothering it, taking possession, and sending it closer to goal.


In what was ultimately a comeback quarter for Black Rock, Georgia Howes took a contested mark in front of goal, and put it through for their first major of the term. An excellent passage of combined effort of accurate kicking and marking from Tebbutt, Sheedi Ferrari-Brown and Terlicher, resulted in Terlicher kicking the next goal.


Play was momentarily stopped as Tebbutt was helped off the ground following an injury. The Jetts’ continued their momentum, with a crushing tackle by Rimmer earning her a free. She kicked it into their forward 50, the ball bounced and was then tapped down, Ashlinn Reilly snatched it from the air and kicked it through for a goal, Black Rock taking the lead for the first time in the match. Black Rock (5.3-33) led Casey (4.6-30) going into the final break.


The final quarter would be a do or die for both teams, the margin close enough that the game was there for the taking for either team. Black Rock kicked the opener, when Ferrari-Brown powered through a tackle to get a handpass off to Chadwick, who kicked it through for a goal. Scheffer marked in their forward line, but it fell short.


The game was stopped again as another player went down to injury, this time from Casey. The pressure and intensity increased to another level, with both teams battling it out hard across the ground, determined to force their opposition back. Josie Moxham prevented a would-be goal by a smother off the boot, but Tomamichel soon kicked Casey’s next goal when she ran around her opponents.


Chelsea Hill, Rebekah Neal and Mikaela Pratt combined in an outstanding defensive effort in Casey’s goal square, all working together to stop a definite goal for the Thunder. They put their bodies on the line and went in hard, and their effort was rewarded when no goal was scored.


Play stopped once again when a Black Rock player was stretchered off. Hill took a kick out, but ran straight into Sidani, who spilled the ball away from Hill, kicked it off the ground, but sent it across the face. Howes supported the defence by taking a sensational mark up in the air. Sophie Traplin executed a tackle on the Jetts’ 50 metre line and was rewarded a free kick. She kicked it short, and it was Skye Nisbet who marked it. She went back, steadied herself, and kicked it through to seal the game!!


Terlicher and Howes had excellent performances in the last quarter. They were reliable, solid, and unwavering in their plays.


The siren sounded, and Black Rock claimed the Premiership! The energy was electric, the crowd roaring, the Black Rock players jumping and hugging in celebration. The injured players were brought back on to celebrate with their teammates.


In the end, Black Rock dug deep and over-ran a skilful Casey unit, to claim the ultimate glory! Georgia Howes was awarded best on ground for her outstanding performance.


Final Scores:

Black Rock 7.4-46

Casey Thunder 2 5.8-38


SFNL Women’s Football Division 1 Grand Final: Casey Thunder 1 Vs Endeavour Hills


The weather held true for the second Grand Final of the day, with patches of blue visible through an otherwise cloudy sky. The crowd was buzzing in anticipation of the great match that was to come.


Casey were quick from the first bounce, playing an attacking brand of footy. Lana Fullwood was awarded a free kick for a tackle just outside of the Thunder forward line. She kicked it in, but the Endeavour Hills defence held strong and prevented a score.


The first goal of the match was kicked by the Falcons’ Amanda Hancock. It came after a great tackle by Alesha White, who spilled the ball out of her opponent’s hands, only to pick it up and handball it to Hancock in the square, who puts it through for the first major.


Casey responded fast with a quick ball inside 50. Endeavour looked set to clear it out, but a kick was smothered by Montaya Forsyth who took possession of the ball and, running towards goal, slotted through for Casey’s first goal.


Harmony Thomas kicked the ball to the top of the square, and after the ball was scrambled out and passed to Alyssa Weston who kicked it through for Endeavour’s second goal.


Courtney Bakker took an excellent contested mark in defence, sending the ball out of Endeavour’s attacking half. Kaci Hillis laid and excellent tackle to be rewarded a free, but time ran out and the siren sounded just after her kick.


At the first break, Endeavour Hills (2.4-16) led Casey Thunder (1.0-6)


Thunder fired up their intensity in the second quarter, going hard at the ball. A kick to the top of the goal square saw Pam Rogers mark it, go back and kick it through for the first major of the quarter.


Laura Jonston was excellent in the midfield for the Falcons. Laying multiple tackles saw her rewarded with free kicks, and her marking and spoiling allowed Endeavour multiple forward 50 entrances.


Endeavour’s third goal was kicked by Sarah Wallace, who, after receiving a handball from Weston, took off towards goal and kicked it straight down the middle. They maintained their lead for the quarter with excellent attacking pressure, refusing to concede another goal to Thunder.

Tameka Youn was a standout in the midfield for Casey this quarter. Her strength and speed allowed her to break through lines in many passages of play, giving her team the momentum that they needed.


Half-time saw Endeavour Hills (3.4-22) leading Casey Thunder (2.3-15). With both teams playing skilful footy, it was anyone’s for the taking.


Endeavour and Casey both came out ready to work hard. The third quarter was a game of territory, with both teams’ defences working tirelessly to shut their opponents down. There were constant forced turnovers from tackles and spoils.


Hancock kicked the first goal of the quarter, opting for a classic drop punt from the pocket instead of the often-seen snap. This brought the margin into the double digits for the Falcons. Kirsty Roche had an excellent run to clear the ball out of their defence, holding herself steady against an opponent hot on her heals.


Wallace kicked a sensational goal, scooping the ball up off the ground, turning slightly and snap kicking it over her shoulder whilst being tackled. The crowd loved that one!


Despite a valiant effort from Thunder, the Falcons extended their lead to 20 points by the end of the third term, keeping Casey scoreless for the quarter. Going into the last break, Endeavour (5.5-35) led Casey (2.3-15).


Casey would need to come out hard and put fast goals onto the scoreboard if they were to fight their way to victory. The Falcons had all the momentum, and a handy lead to show for it.


Tarryn Hart was excellent in the midfield, clearing it from congestion to kick to Weston who took the mark. She went back and kicked it towards Endeavour’s goal. The ball was spoiled and brought to ground but was picked up by Rebecca Sherry who quickly handballed it to Hancock, who slotted it through for a goal.


The Falcons were in complete control of the ball during the final quarter, once again keeping Casey goalless and only conceding four behinds. Despite Casey’s determination and skilful play, they were unable to capitalise on their entries and make a dent in the margin.


Endeavour never slowed their pace, with Nicola Weston taking off from the centre circle in a huge burst of energy, running towards goal and booting it from just inside 50. Ultimately it drifted left for a minor score.


The siren sounded, and even though Jasmin Hansen had a shot on goal after a great tackle, the players started to celebrate. Players were seen bouncing around in joy, while others fell to their knees in with overwhelming emotions was.


Endeavour Hills claimed the Premiership in what was a classy display of great football skills and endeavour. They had claimed the biggest win of the season, and in doing so, ended Casey’s undefeated streak.


Alyssa Weston was awarded best on ground for her stand out performance.


Final Scores

Casey Thunder 1 2.7-19

Endeavour Hills 6.6-42



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