Gambling's not a game

Is your club interested in free education sessions on the risks associated with gambling? As well as free support and advice on responsible gambling practices in your club?

Gambling and sport have become increasingly synonymous in recent years, and terms like ‘the odds’ and ‘the line’ are frequently used when talking about sport. In 2012, there were reportedly 20,000 sports betting advertisements on free-to-air TV and community concern is growing over the impact gambling is having on young people, particularly through sport, advertising, online games and social media.

In response to this the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation has launched a responsible gambling program for sporting clubs across the state which the Southern Football League proudly supports.

The sporting clubs program aims to counter the growing culture of gambling in sport by supporting clubs across Victoria to take a responsible approach to gambling. Specifically the program aims to:

  • Help clubs preserve the essence of their sport by separating gambling from sports

  • Shift the focus back to the ‘love of the game’, not the odds

  • Minimise exposure to gambling activities and advertising to youth under 18 years of age

  • Increase awareness of the risks associated with gambling

  • Help prevent problem gambling and related harm

  • Raise awareness of Gambler’s Help services

Clubs joining the program are asked to sign a Responsible Gambling Charter as a demonstration of their commitment to taking a responsible approach to gambling. Benefits for clubs who participate in the program include:

  • Free support and advice on responsible gambling practices

  • Free education sessions delivered to your club

  • Support to minimise the risks associated with gambling at your club

  • Assistance in creating a club culture that will help attract new participants to your club, and retain those you already have

  • Support to become a community leader in responsible gambling practices

  • Community recognition for being a responsible gambling club

We encourage all clubs to sign up to the program, as we believe gambling is a growing concern for youth and sporting clubs across the state. The program offers clubs a fantastic opportunity to increase their awareness and knowledge of the risks associated with gambling for free.

For more information contact Ms Bonnie Swan, Senior Partnership Coordinator at the Foundation on 03 9452 2659 or visit

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