COMMUNITY UMPIRING WEEK - SFNLUA Umpire Training with Special Guests

Last Wednesday night the SFNLUA Umpires were greeted with the pleasure of training alongside their established AFL counterparts in;
FIELD: Leigh Fisher / Rob O'Gorman / Matt Stevic.
BOUNDARY: Chris Gordon / Josh Forman / Sam Thiele
GOAL: Luke Edwards

There are over 15,000 umpires officiating in community football matches each week and over 12% are female, a significant increase in line with the expansion of female football.

The SFNLUA have close to 20 umpires in VFL pathways and also 12 ex SFNLUA umpires currently on VFL lists.

Just last weekend Samantha Ritchie in the VFL pathway umpired a senior Division 3 match with our Director of Umpiring, Pete Marshall.
India Isaacs product of the SMJFL debuted in senior football in Division 3 with our development coach, Glenn Emery.

For more information or to register your interest in umpiring with the SFNLUA visit the SFNL Umpires website here

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