Community Umpiring Round

This Saturday 3rd May, the Southern Football League will acknowledge Community Umpiring Round.


Previously known as “Umpiring is Everyone’s Business Round”, this year it focuses on the benefits of umpiring community football and highlights how much enjoyment people can have by umpiring at this level.


Umpiring is a great way to become involved in the great game of Australian Rules Football. Not only is it a rewarding and challenging role, it is a fantastic opportunity to get up close to the action, whilst ensuring the game is played fairly and the welfare and safety of all players on the field is of the utmost importance.


Southern Football League Director of Umpiring Peter Mair said “Umpiring is a great way to contribute to the game. The SFL offers opportunities at a community level as well as pathways to a career at a higher level.”


“It is a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all Field, Boundary and Goal Umpires – both male and female. Our nationally accredited coaches develop people in life skills such as effective communication, leadership, decision making, as well as improving physical performance” Mair said.


Umpire participation continues to increase through all levels of the community and the laws of the game are evolving each season. This changing landscape increases the importance of umpires in teaching and implementing these new rules in the community. Their contribution, passion and love for the game often goes unrecognised, however, it is important to take the time to appreciate the hard work that our umpires put in consistently throughout the season.


Southern Football League CEO David Cannizzo says, “The SFL are delighted once again to be supporting the Community Umpiring Round where we aim to drive the important message of improving the match day environment and promote the role of umpiring across the League.”


“Every player, official and supporter knows that we simply do not have a match without the umpires and it is important that we remember umpires are human and deserve to be treated with respect”, Cannizzo said.


The SFL look forward to seeing a strong level of participation through Community Umpiring Round on Saturday 3rd May and that through public support, the match day environment will be further improved for all umpires.



This week's Umpire Experience:


Wednesday 30 April

AFL Training Experience

Umpires from SFL and other Metro Leagues to attend AFL Umpires training. Session conducted by AFL Umpires Coaches. SFL Umpires attending are: Field - Andrew Scott and Annie Mirabile, Boundary - Adrian Vosk and Fraser Somerville, Goal - Steve Dagys and Zach Vandenhoven.


Thursday 1 May

AFL Umpires to SFL Umpires Training

Umpires from AFL to attend SFL Umpiring training.

Field – Ray Chamberlain: 183 games, 14 Finals and 2 Grand Finals

Field - Leigh Fisher: 19 games

Boundary – Chris Morrison: 186 games, 3 Finals

Goal – Luke Walker: 180 games, 26 Finals, 5 Grand Finals.


SFL Umpires on Sunday SFL Radio Footy Show

Promotion for SFL Umpiring. Libby Toovey, SFL Field Umpire and Stephen McBurney, SFL Umpiring Ambassador, who is a 4 time AFL Grand Final Umpire, to be interviewed from 11am.


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