2020 Club Salary Cap Reduction

The SFNL has adopted the AFL's recommendation to implement a two-stage reduction to Allowable Player Payment caps, which will see the League salary cap slashed by a minimum of 50% for each division in 2020.

Stage one will see player payment caps cut by 50% for all four divisions, with a further pro-rata reduction based on the number of matches played in the season relative to the original number of fixtured games.

For example, the Division 1 player payment cap of $150,000 per club will be initially halved to $75,000 for the 2020 season, a figure that will be further reduced to $37,500 if only nine matches are played in this season

These changes are part of a broader AFL industry response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which will reduce club costs in line with reduced revenues to help ensure the sustainability and viability of SFNL clubs.

In a statement, AFL General Counsel/General Manager - Game Development Andrew Dillion said that the recommendations have been made after considering feedback from various metro and country competitions across Australia, and that these player payment reductions may be carried into the 2021 season if the fallout from COVID-19 continues.

"Following a series of recent meetings involving the AFL and all State and Territory CEOs, and State football operations representatives, recommendations have been made in relation to salary caps and player payments in community football to help ensure the survival and ongoing sustainability of community football clubs in 2020 and beyond. These recommendations have been made whilst considering feedback from various country and metropolitan leagues across the country," Dillon said.

"At this stage, due to the anticipated financial impact on community clubs for years to come, we are proposing that there will be a reduction in the APP that will be carried through into the 2021 season. This position will be reviewed and confirmed later in 2020, as the impact from COVID-19 becomes apparent."

See below breakdown of each SFNL division's salary cap following these recommendations.


Current 2020 cap: $150,000
50% reduction: $75,000
9-game season: $37,500



Current 2020 cap: $110,000
50% reduction: $55,000
9-game season: $27,500



Current 2020 cap: $75,000
50% reduction: $37,500
9-game season: $18,750



Current 2020 cap: $50,000
50% reduction:  $25,00
9-game season: $12,500

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