LCA Netball Player of the Day


Each week a player from the SFNL Netball competition is awarded the Laser Clinics Australia Netball Player of the Day based on her outstanding match day performance. Each weekly winner also goes in the running to win the prestigious Laser Clinics Australia Gate Netball Player of the Year, which will be announced at the SFNL Awards Dinner on Friday 6th October.




Round 7

Shae Wonnacott


Dingley v Heatherton White is a contender for match of the season – a game that had everything. Shae Wonnacott is a player that’s seen multiple grand finals and has been a mainstay in the great Dingley sides of the SFNL era, and her experience came to the fore when it mattered most. In a game of momentum swings, many lead changes and peak pressure, it was coolness under pressure that got the points for Dingley, and Shae delivered when her team needed her.

Congratulations, Shae!


Round 6

St Pauls


Mikaela Hayes has been a consistent player in the St Pauls side for quite some time. The side came into their Division 1 clash against Bentleigh knowing that this was a battle containing the prize of their first four points of the season, and after an even start Mikaela was instrumental in her side assuming control. The versatile running machine maintained her poise right to the final siren as St Pauls claimed their first win.

Congratulations, Mikaela!


Round 5

Netballer of the Day - Brodie Aumont - Copy


It was not enough for Brodie Aumont to be Caulfield’s best player in their Division 2 match on Thursday night. She was also best player on the court in Division 1 on Saturday. Small and feisty, quick and clever, Brodie played in the centre against Heatherton White and was in everything, running hard all day and feeding her shooters well whilst restricting the movement of her opponents. Caulfield are working hard to show that they are contenders this season, and this was a big step towards that aim. Brodie showed that there is enough depth at the Cave to mount a big challenge.

Congratulations, Brodie!


Round 4

Netball Player of the Week Leah Seeto

LEAH SEETO (Heatherton Black)

Especially when VNL commitments start to bite into a side’s squad, depth is needed for that side to succeed. Heatherton Black had several of their first-choice line-up unavailable in round four, and so Leah Seeto was drafted in to assist those that were left. The efficiency and skill with which she did this as a defender went a long way towards ensuring that her team were able to emerge victorious against Bentleigh. Leah was especially adept at the intercept, but also pulled down numerous rebounds in a complete performance.

Congratulations, Leah!


Round 3

Tash Petroff

TASH PETROFF (St Kilda City)

In a tight, cagey match where there were few easy possessions offered to players of either side, it was the St Kilda City defence that was the decisive factor in their victory over St Pauls. To that end, goal defence Tash Petroff was a key figure. Against a side that works best when it gets the ball to its dangerous shooters quickly, Tash took down intercept after intercept and was highly valued by coach and team-mates alike.

Congratulations, Tash!


Round 2


TARA BICKHAM (Keysborough)

Keysborough v St Pauls was a match in which the winner was the side that capitalised best on the turnovers that their mid-court players helped create. In a match that was in doubt right to the final siren it was the Keysborough shooters that held their nerve the better. Tara Bickham, their goal shooter, was responsible for numerous clutch goals, especially in the crucial final quarter, and was instrumental in their first victory of the season.

Congratulations, Tara!


Round 1

NotW - Erin Naismith - Copy

ERIN NAISMITH (Heatherton White)

No matter how skilful a side is with ball in hand, they need dogged and determined defenders to make the most of their attacking prowess. Heatherton White played St Pauls in a replay of the 2016 Division 2 Grand Final, with Heatherton knowing they needed to quell the brilliance of the St Pauls shooters if they were to win once more. Erin Naismith was clearly the best player on the court, not only stopping her opponent, but also being clinical in starting many a Heatherton attack.

Congratulations, Erin!